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White Robes for the Sunday School: a choice new collection of songs, quartets, and choruses for Sunday-Schools, devotional meetings, and the home circle

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
3With singing we welcome the bright Sabbath dayPage Scan
4The bright pearly gates of the skyPage Scan
6I'll take my cross and bear it everPage Scan
7Sing, children, sing, To the Lord your KingPage Scan
8Pitying Saviour, look with blessingPage Scan
9Come without delay, seek the SaviourPage Scan
10Beautiful children, innocent childrenPage Scan
11I was lost, a little lambPage Scan
12Hear the shout of triumph from the ransom'd throngPage Scan
13Get ready, get ready, hard work is beforePage Scan
14Oh! weary with transgressionPage Scan
15We meet, we meet, With joy to greetPage Scan
16When thro' the nameless agesPage Scan
17What a meeting that will be[What a meeting that will be]TextPage Scan
18Only a little way fartherPage Scan
19Come to Jesus, little one, Come to Jesus nowPage Scan
20Hear the Sabbath school bells, as they chime the glad hourPage Scan
21I would love thee, God and FatherPage Scan
22Don't think there is nothing for children to doPage Scan
23'Midst the silence of the peaceful nightPage Scan
24Ho! my comrades, see the signalPage Scan
25Cast thy burden on the LordPage Scan
26"Hosanna in the highest," Of old the children sangPage Scan
27I am a little soldierPage Scan
28Loud above the din of warPage Scan
29I'm but a stranger here, Heaven is my homePage Scan
30Christ is precious, do you doubt himPage Scan
31Over the river our lov'd ones have gonePage Scan
32By and by, if we are faithfulPage Scan
33There is an army, and its name is LegionPage Scan
34Tho' the tempest ragesPage Scan
35Oh, why should we wander from God away!Page Scan
36If we feel the love of JesusPage Scan
37God our Father, we would praise theePage Scan
38Ring the bells merrily, ring loud and long!Page Scan
40There's a voice that is calling from farPage Scan
41Mother, watch the little feetPage Scan
42Fair and bright the morningPage Scan
43Naught can I do that will savePage Scan
44Is thy young heart, O, happy child!Page Scan
45When we get over the river and standPage Scan
46O, sweet is the story of oldPage Scan
47Jesus is tenderly calling, Oh! suffer the children to comePage Scan
48Hark! the voice of Jesus callingPage Scan
49I often think of heathen landsPage Scan
50Crowns of glory in the land of the blestPage Scan
51All worldly wealth compar'd with theePage Scan
52There is a land of promise, By prophets we are toldPage Scan
53Behold the Lamb of God! Page Scan
54See the heathen o'er the seaPage Scan
55Working for Jesus, working for JesusPage Scan
56I love to tell the storyPage Scan
57The way to heav'n is narrowPage Scan
58In the silent midnight watchesPage Scan
59Come join in the praises of JesusPage Scan
60We are drawing nearer, There is no delay!Page Scan
61Close the door lightlyPage Scan
62How painfully pleasing the fond recollection Page Scan
63Shepherd, whlie thy flocks are feedingPage Scan
64I have work enough to do, Ere the sun goes downPage Scan
65Kneeling by her little bedsidePage Scan
66There is a song I love to singPage Scan
67A week again has passed awayPage Scan
68Unto men, and not to angelsPage Scan
69"Whosoever!" let the childrenPage Scan
70Sing for the Saviour, dear childrenPage Scan
71Jesus is waiting, Waiting for theePage Scan
72O beautiful land of our hopes!Page Scan
74Beautiful morning, Welcome thy dawningPage Scan
75Guard the bible wellPage Scan
76Touch not the wine cup, taste not the winePage Scan
77O home of rest! for thee I sighPage Scan
78Merrily the song of Christmas bellsPage Scan
79Welcome, welcome, day of restPage Scan
80We all love one anotherPage Scan
81We are a busy gleaning bandPage Scan
82We are weary pilgrims In the narrow wayPage Scan
83Friends we love are passing overPage Scan
84I am a youthful ChristianPage Scan
85There's a beautiful home for thee, brotherPage Scan
86There's a beautiful haven, far over the seaPage Scan
88Underneath the wintry skiesPage Scan
89Where'er my little footsteps goPage Scan
90Glory in the highest, glory!Page Scan
91I have read of a Saviour's lovePage Scan
92I love to think of heavenPage Scan
93Are you waiting? Why will you wait?Page Scan
94With joy tonight again we meetPage Scan
95Bring your every care to JesusPage Scan
96In the dim and early morningPage Scan
97Yes, I am waiting, Lord, and it is sweetPage Scan
98In the pathways we are treadingPage Scan
99Remember the Sabbath dayPage Scan
100The forty years concludedPage Scan
101Waiting and watching for dawning of dayPage Scan
102On the field we take our standPage Scan
103In yon heaven all is fairPage Scan
104I am trusting thee, Lord JesusPage Scan
105"Lovest thou me?" List to him sayPage Scan
106I am waiting by the riverPage Scan

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