Water from the Rock

From the publisher: Water from the Rock is a collection of 37 hymn texts (13 set to Bittner’s own music) intended to bring hope to God's people, assuring us that God's continuing care supports us in every situation. Several of these hymns are a response to an event in Bittner's own circle of life or in the larger world, while others are based in scripture. The elements of hope and resolution are found throughout the collection. Note: The hymns in this collection are not numbered. We list them by the text's page number. The numbers in brackets are the page number of corresponding tunes in the back of the book
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p.1 [41]Broad and fruitful are the fieldsRECLAMATION
p.2 [42]As water that flows from the rockFLOWING ROCK
p.3 [43]As we wait for love's arrivalAS WE WAIT
p.4At water's edge, the crowd would stand
p.5 [44]Coming to this place from all directions,MELDING
p.6Go now in peace. Worship is ending;
p.7 [45]God says, "Be still so you may hearGOD SAYS
p.8God sends each servant forth,
p.9God's heart is heavy when we choose
p.10 [46]God's love is in the waterIN THE WATER
p.11Have you come to hear the prophet?
p.12 [47]"I did not leave my home, I served my parent;THE LOST IS FOUND
p.13 [48]If we could be like the widowFEED THE HUNGRY
p.14 [49]In the church are many strangersWELCOME
p.15Jesus, walk beside me.
p.16 [50]Life is but a twinkling of an eyeTEMPORARY
p.17Make me the compost, Lord
p.18Miriam's waiting by the river,
p.19Now comes the dark night of the soul
p.20Our church is like a tree of faith
p.21Sometimes God begins a project
p.22 [51]The Christ who gave the blind man sudden sightGOD'S VISION
p.23The kingdom of God is like a light in the darkness
p.24The Lord has promised good to us,
p.26The trumpet sounds the summons
p.27God of power, we see your wondrous works of creation
p.28To build a church with vision,
p.30Today in celebration we sing a joyful song
p.32 [52]We trust in God, the source of past successesFOCUS
p.33What calls me from the death where I have rested?
p.34When air is cold and branches bare
p.35 [53]When chosen ones have erredTURNING AWAY
p.36When I was born as a tiny wrinkled baby
p.37When Jesus came to Cana
p.38When terror casts a shadow on our land
p.39When two who once were joined as one
p.40When we stand outside the circle
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