20 old hymnals and songbooks to give away

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There are also two old German-language books.



Very Old Hymnals and Songbooks

Bilhorn, Peter
Crowning Glory, No. 1: A Collection of Gospel Hymns
Special Edition as Used by W.P. Fife, “Drummer Evangelist,” Charlotte, NC
Title page and first 2 songs are missing
Cloth. Worn 6 x 8”
Texts and 4-part music, 214 songs


An Old Choir Anthem Book

Sankey, Ira D. et al
The Gospel Choir, No. 2
New York: Biglow & Main
No title page; each song has a copyright date, 1895 seems to be the latest date
198 songs, 4-part music, or a solo line with accompaniment
7 ½ x 9 ¾”, cloth/cardboard


German Language books:

Albert, Ludwig
Franzoesischer Dolmetscher Anleiting
A German-French language learning book, for independent study without a teacher.
Leipzig: Otto Wigand, 1887
4 ¼ x 6”, cloth, worn

Mueller, D. Heinrich
Geistliche Erquickstunden
(a devotional book)
Berlin, Evangelischen Buecher-Verein, 1846
Cloth, 5 x 8 ¼”, worn


Gospel, Revival, Sunday School Songbooks, chronological order

The Endeavor Hymnal
Boston: United Society of Christian Endeavor, 1901
317 songs, 4-part music, plus other material
Cloth, 6 x 8 ¼”

Songs of Conquest
Compiled by Bishop Joseph F. Berry
Chicago: Jennings & Graham,
No copyright date is given. Individiual songs contain copyright dates, the latest of which seems to be 1912.
Cloth, 295 songs, 4-part music

Great Revival Hymns No. 2
Rodeheaver & Ackley
Chicago: Rodeheaver, no date given. Each song has a copyright date, the latest of which seems to be 1913
340 songs, 4-part music, other materials
Cloth, 5 ¾ x 8”, embossed decorated cover, good condition

The Gospel in Song
Washington: Review & Herald Publishing Assn., 1926
294 songs, 4-part music, 5 ¼ x 8”, paper

Jehovah’s Praise, The Abridged Edition
New York: Tullar-Meredith Co., 1928
96 pages, 4-part music, paper, 6 x 8 ½”

Gloria in Excelsis
Hall-Mack Co., 1933
No title page
225 songs, 4-part music, other materials
Looks like a Sunday school songbook, see after #225
Cloth, 6 x 8 ½”

Full Redemption Songs
Rev. George Bennard
Chicago: Rodeheaver, 1933
199 songs, 4-part music, 5 ¼ x 7 ¾”, paper

Triumphant Service Songs, Utility Edition
Chicago: Rodeheaver, 1934
76 songs, 4-part music, paper, 5 ¾ x 8”

World Revival Hymns
Coleman, Robert H.
Dallas: Coleman, 1939
151 songs, 4-part music, 5 ½ x 8 ¼”, paper

Pennsylvania Christian Endeavor Songs
West Grove, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State Christian Endeavor Union
No date given; each song has a copyright date, the latest seems to be 1943
94 songs, 4-part music, paper, 5 ¾ x 8”

Lone Star Favorites (on the title page, there is a star in place of the word “star”)
Lone Star Quartet, WPTF radio station, Raleigh, North Carolina
Dallas: Stamps-Baxter Music, 1946
241 songs, 4-part music, 7-shape notation, 5 ¼ x 7 ½”; paper

Tabernacle Hymns, Number Four
Chicago: Tabernacle Publ. Co., 1952
342 songs, 4-part music, some free keyboard music, other texts for worship
6 x 8 ½”; cloth

Christian Service Songs
Rodeheaver et al
Winona Lake, Indiana: Rodeheaver, 1939, 1967
312 songs, 4-part music, other materials, 6 x 8 ½”; cloth
Cover imprinted: “Homeland Chapel”

Christian Service Songs, Utility Edition
Winona Lake, Indiana: Rodeheaver, 1939
73 songs, 4-part music, paper, 5 ¾ x 8”

Spirit Filled Songs
Nashville: Faith Publishing Co., 1956
Includes several pages bound into the front of the book:
33rd Annual Florida Holiness Camp Meeting, 1958, Lakeland, Florida
213 songs, 4-part music, 5 ¾ x 8 ¼”, paper

The Complete Celebration Hymnal, with New Songs of Celebration
Great Wakering, Essex, England, McCrimmons, 1977/1984
700+ songs, mostly with texts only, some music included, other materials
Unfortunate purple plastic cover, 5 ½ x 7 ½ ”


Non-denominational comprehensive hymnals

Hymns of the Christian Life
Harrisburg: Christian Publications, Inc, 1936
504 songs, additional worship materials; cloth

Inspiring Hymns
Grand Rapids: Zondervan, Singspiration, 1951
523 songs, additional worship materials; cloth