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Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Swedish
American Lutheran Denominations: Augustana Synod, Danish Synods, Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of New York, Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania, Evangelical Lutheran Synods (Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin); General Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America, General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the USA, Lutheran Church in America, Lutheran Synod of Buffalo, Norwegian Synods, United Lutheran Church, United Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the South. Other Denominations: Baptist, Christian Church, Church of the Brethren in Christ, Church of Christ Scientist, Church of God, Church of New Jerusalem, Disciples of Christ, Congregational, Church of England, Protestant Episcopal, Evangelical Synods, Methodist Church (England), Methodist Episcopal, Other Methodist, Moravian (Unitas Fratrum), Mormon, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Shaker, Unitarian, United Church Canada, Universalist.
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German liturgies and psalters, Kirchenordnungen, mission and diaspora hymnals, child and youth hymnals. Hymnals of sixteenth–twentieth-century Germany. American Lutheran liturgies and hymnals (English and German language); many Lutheran denominations; non-Lutheran English hymnals, psalms, and tunebooks. Hymnals and liturgies in other languages (primarily Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish). Hymnals of later date ranges will be added to the collection. Some catalogued; for uncataloged items see: Voigt, Louis, Hymnals at Wittenberg (Springfield: Chantry Music Press, 1975). Hymnals are a part of Special Collections and open by appointment. Date range: 16th-20th c.