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The Moody Bible Institute has a unique and rich heritage in the music of the 19th – 21st century Evangelical church. The Music Library will therefore be responsible for maintaining a broad and extensive collection of materials related to this heritage. Date range: 1780–2004

ii) Materials to be included in this collection

Standard Hymnals, Gospel Songbooks and Other Congregational Collections from the 18th Century (or earlier) through the 21st Century.
1. “Modern” hymnals: notation generally 2-stave, with text between staves
2. Hardcover: pew-edition, publisher’s samples
3. Denominational: Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Mennonite, etc.
4. Ethnic: Chinese, Korean, German, French, Scottish, Hawaiian, etc.
5. Historical: evangelistic crusades
6. Independent edition: author collection, publisher supplement, local church

Early American (collectibles)
1. Shape note books
2. Three-line / four-line open score
3. Oblongs
4. 19th century regional collections (such as Kentucky Harmony)
5. Singing School (such as Sacred Harp)
6. Folk Hymns and Songs (e.g., African-American Spirituals, "White" Spirituals, "southern Gospel" collections)."

Liturgical materials
1. Missals
2. Books of Common Worship


Gospel Song – MBI Heritage
1. Sankey, Hustad, Crosby, etc.
2. Carmichael, Peterson, Gaither
3. Wrytzen, Schrader