Leland Bryant Ross (Ros' Haruo)

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The Ann E. Beatty Memorial Hymnal Collection is my personal hymnal collection, which I am happy to make available to interested members of the public when possible. I collect hymnals indiscriminately, but the collection is strongest in American hymnals of the latter part of the 20th century, and in Esperanto hymnals. The Esperanto hymnals, a special collection called the Adolf Burkhardt Memorial Hymnal Collection, are held jointly with Biblioteko Culbert (the Seattle-area Esperanto lending library). Ann E. Beatty (1857-1956) was the compiler (and in large part translator or author and in part composer) of Espero Internacia, ca. 1922, the first and to date largest Esperanto hymnal published in the United States. Adolf Burkhardt (1929-2004) was a German pastor who was largely responsible for editing/compiling three of the most important recent Esperanto hymnals (Adoru kantante, 1971; Tero kaj ĉielo kantu, c. 1990; ADORU: Ekumena Diserva Libro, 2001).