What is your favorite version of the Song of Mary?

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I am looking for suggestions for nice hymnic versions of the Song of Mary (Magnificat). Please share. Thanks.


By 'hymnic' do you mean 'metrical'? If so, you have a bunch to choose from.

My favorite (because of the tune) is Stephanie Frey's, from Heinrich Schütz' "Becker Psalter".

Keith & Kristyn Getty & Stuart Townend, 2010, have a condensed version called "My Soul Will Magnify the Lord" you can buy at Gettymusic.com. The tune is hair-raising; worth the price on its own.

Contemporary poet Brian Penney has a decent version put to a sturdy old tune.

CRC's Psalter Hymnal 1987, following the Canadian Reformed Church's Book of Praise, though PENTECOST is a pretty dull tune.

"From East to West" is loosely based on that text.

So is Timothy Dudley-Smith's "Tell Out My Soul"

And of course, the Scottish Psalter has its typical cross between Yoda and Foghorn Leghorn, which begins,
My soul and spirit, fill'd with joy, my God and Savior praise
Whose goodness did from poor estate his humble handmaid raise.
Please don't use it; this Psalter should not be allowed out of the museum.

Or if you want a through-composed version, Thomas Tallis' from The Dorian Service is out of this world. http://www.wordmp3.com/details.aspx?id=12498

Hope this helps.
Michael Owens