"Access denied" for hymnals in "My Hymnals"?

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I've added four or five hymnals to "My Hymnals"; when I click on the detail link for some of them, I get a page that states, "Access denied; You are not authorized to access this page". Are the data for these actually off-limits for some reason, or is there simply no data available? If the latter, a more helpful message would be appreciated.

This is happening with e.g., https://www.hymnary.org/hymnal/NCH1976 and http://www.hymnary.org/hymnal/HAWB1992.


Brian Young


For both of these hymnals the only information we have on them is the title, publisher, editor and cover, which a volunteer editor added. The volunteer did not add the hymns or any other information. So there is simply no data available and it did not make sense to only give access to the title and publisher information and no other data. Therefore these hymnals have been set to "unpublished" status on our website, meaning they cannot be found by an ordinary website user. They would only be able to be found, viewed, or indexed by an editor.

However (and this may be a glitch) it is possible to add unpublished hymnals to your My Hymnal list. The cover image is simply added (if there is one) and there is no indication that the hymnal has no searchable content. My advice is to search for the hymnal to see if it has the complete hymn, topic, scripture, tune information you would want to search for in your hymnals before adding them in "My Hymnals."

We will see if we can find a more helpful message to display.