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This is probably going to be a stupid question, so please feel free to laugh (just not so loud that I can hear it! LOL). Around Thanksgiving time, I asked a question about a hymn that I could not find seeing if anyone else knew where that particular hymn could be found. I realize that this is rather late to check for a response, but I am unable to discover how I might locate my particular question.

Can you check by your screen name, by the title of your song, or date? I can't remember the exact date, but it was close to Thanksgiving. However, on the first page of this forum, I see that the dates listed are already too far out for my question to show up. Should I just keep looking through the pages as the dates vary from page to page?

I would appreciate any assistance that someone might be able to give as I would really like to know if there had been any answers to my question so that I could thank anyone that took the time to respond.

Thank you to whoever would take the time to respond to my question.

Happy New Year!



I do not think there is a way to search Forum posts, although that would be a good feature to add. The posts are pretty much in order of when they were posted. I was not able to find your previous post within the last 30 or so weeks of posts, so you may want to try posting the question again.