Don Thiessen

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Personal Collection
English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Chipewyan, Cree, Duoluo, Dutch, French, Gikuyu, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Igbo, Japanese, Kikuyu, Kisii, Latin, Low German, Maasai, Nupe, Pachashulasheneka, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Neo-Melanesian, Swahili, Swedish, Thame, Ukranian, Welsh, Yoruba, Zulu
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Don Thiessen, 204-326-6230 or 204-381-1117

This personal collection of about 2,300 items includes hymnals from a large variety of denominations and publishing companies dating from c. 1850 to the present. The majority are English (about 2000), about 250 in German and the rest in about 30 other languages. Included are conventional hymnals as well as smaller pamphlets used for congregational singing.