New Hymnals added or edited in February

Volunteers added or edited the following hymnals:

"Hymns for the Living Age" published by The Century Co., New York, in 1923
"His Voice of Love" published by James D. Vaughan, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., in 1924
"Joyful Praise" published by Jennings & Pye, Cincinnati, in 1902
"New Songs of Praise and Power, 1-2-3 combined" published by Hall-Mack Co., Philadelphia, in 1922
"Hymns of the Heart" published by Methodist Book Concern, New York, in 1914
"Millennial Revival" published by James D. Vaughan, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., in 1928
"Sifted Wheat" published by Lorenz & Co., Dayton in 1898
"Hymns of Pentecost" published by Hall-Mack Co., Philadelphia in 1930
"Saving Grace" published by Stone & Bechter Publishers, Philadelphia in 1898
"Songs of the Pentecost for the Forward Gospel Movement" published by George Hughes & Co., New York, in 1894
"Heavenly Sunlight" published by MacCalla & Co., Philadelphia, in 1900
"An Nou Chanté : Let's Sing" published by Lay Training Center Press of the Methodist Church, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1979 (French Creole/English)
"Hymnau a thonau at wasanaeth amrywiol gyfarfoddydd y cysegr" published by R. H. Meredith, Chicago, in 1910 (Welsh)
"Llyfr Tonau Cynulleidfaol" published by H. J. Hughes, New York, in 1868