Can I export scripture references with a song text list?

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To assist us in choosing songs from our church's repoitoir, which we hold in our own database, complete with CCLI details and tracking, i would like to export a list of songs from this website mainly for the scripture verses to which they are linked.

for example from this page:

i notice that none of the "Exort as CSV" options include the Sdripture column.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?


Post the scripture you're looking for and I'll see if I can generate a list for you. Advanced Search, enter Scripture, click "Texts", click on Search, and down at the bottom of the results click on Export as CSV.

Thanks for your reply but the export to CSV dos not include the scripture referemce field, even though is appears on the search results.

Thanks also for your offer, but I was trying to add the scripture references to the list of songs that WE use, rather thyan having to search this entire database and then filter out the ones on our list.

For now, the best way to find the scripture refrences for a song, is to search for the hymn text, go to the text summary page, then find the tab in the Text Information box, which will list the scripture passages for that song. The CSV gives the information from the hymnal page database table, but the scripture passages are a separate database table. The information from both tables is linked on the website, but not currently linked in the CSV. We will look into whether it would be possible to download a CSV with scripture passages as well as hymn texts.