My Hymnals checkbox search not functioning properly

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Hello. When I search for hymns by scripture reference, I receive a list which properly tags those that are in My Hymnals. However, when I check the checkbox for My Hymnals in a search, I receive an incomplete list or, most frequently, a blank list. Would someone be able to advise as to whether this is a system-wide issue?  Thank you.


It is possible that the hymnals in your My Hymnal collection do not have the scirpture index entered, do not have a scripture index, or have minimal scriptures related to hymns. When you search with the box checked, you are only searching the information from these hymnals. When you search without the box checked you are searching the whole database. You may contact me or send a email to Hymnary and I can check to see what is up with the scriptures in your collection.

When I search for John 11:17-45, for instance, I receive 197 results, over 30 of which are marked with the My Hymnals icon . However, after I select the My Hymnals checkbox, I receive only 3 results. ()

My Hymnals are:

  • The Faith We Sing
  • The United Methodist Hymnal
  • Worship and Song

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Yes, each of these hymnals have 1 hymn that goes with this range of verses from John 11:17-45. Other hymnals in our database cite this passage for other hymns that also are in your collection. When you search with the My Hymnals box checked, you are only searching for the scripture indexes of these 3 hymnals. When you are searching without the box checked, you are searching the entire database and our system is letting you know if a hymn connected with this passage appears in one of these 3 hymnals.