Editing text/adding custom text to a Public Domain Tune

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Hello all!

Our congregation would like to sing metered Psalms to public domain hymn tunes, and I'm searching for a way to use FlexScore to edit Ellacombe/I Sing the Mighty Pow'r of God by removing the hymn text and replacing the text with the metered Psalm text we plan to use. I want to keep the 4 part harmony/chords - I just want to insert alternative text in place of the original hymn text. Now I think I can use FlexScore to accomplish this, but I've yet to figure out how? Can anyone help? 


Yes, you can add custom text to public domain tunes. Under the My FlexScores link in the left column, just above the list of "FlexScores You Own" is a link that says "New Custom FlexScore..." You search for the tune, then add the lyrics. Click on the question mark and then "Lyrics Entry Help" which will tell you how to divide syllables, how to handle slurs, and all that you need to know. Then click on Generate. Let us know if you have more questions.

I keep getting an error code when trying to edit.  I think it has to do with the Slur coding.  I don't find the explanation of the slur code very clear.  Can you provide more detailed examples?

If you have syllables on slurred or tied notes then you want the slur or tie to be ignored wo you use "\slurOff" to begin ingoring the slurs and "\slurOn" to stop ignoring them. If you are still getting an error code, use the Contact Us link to send us an email. There may be a bug somewhere.