What Doesn't the Hymnary Do?

By now you've probably poked around the Hymnary enough to know that it is a powerful tool for researching and enjoying hymns. "Is there anything," you ask, "that the Hymnary doesn't do?" Well, here's one: the Hymnary doesn't grant licensing permission.

As any conscientious worship leader knows, it's illegal to print, project or record copyrighted songs without permission of the author or publisher. While the Hymnary is the best place to find out who a song's author or publisher is, we can't grant permission. But there are three licensing organizations that can. Most evangelical hymns and praise songs are covered by CCLI (http://www.ccli.com) denominational and liturgical music is covered by OneLicense (http://www.onelicense.net. If you're recording a CD, contact Harry Fox (http://www.harryfox.com). Of course, you can always contact the author or composer directly.


Thank you

Thank you.

copyright needed?

I was just wondering if it's possible to print out a hymn to plink out at home. The church we used to attend had such fabulous music, but we've moved and although we love our new church, no one sings Let All Things Now Living quite the same! Do you still need a copyright permission to play at home? Certainly no one else wants to hear me play! Thanks for your time!

john hallett

I studied piano accompaniment with John hallet for 5 years as well as singing in his chorale before he retired to Cal and Ted Cornell took over. John & Ruth were married, lived in Caldwell NJ. John's warmth and creative talents were life
hanging to me.

translation of hymns

We have translated the hymns from English to Acholi language and from staff notation to tonic sofa to help Christians to get the hymns better in the local language and since most of them cannot read in English and understand better in Tonic Solfa. I would like to seek the best legal copyright to allow this songs be used in our local church. Please advise


A translation is classified as a derivative work under U.S. Copyright law, so if the hymn is copyrighted, permission needs to be obtained from the copyright holder. The translation itself is also allowed to be copyrighted.

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