Arthur H. Dyke Acland

Short Name: Arthur H. Dyke Acland
Full Name: Acland, Arthur H. Dyke (Arthur Henry Dyke), 1811-1857
Birth Year: 1811
Death Year: 1857

Arthur Henry Dyke Acland changed his last name to Troyte in 1852 when he succeeded to the estates of Rev. Edward Berkeley Troyte. A part of the requirement for this succession was that he change his last name to Troyte. Therefore he is also known as A. H. D. Troyte, however, Acland is his authority name.

Tunes by Arthur H. Dyke Acland (3)sort descendingAsInstances
CHANT (TROYTE, No. 2)Arthur Henry Dyke Troyte, 1811-1857 (Adapter)12
LONSDALEArthur H. D. Troyte (Composer)3
CHANT (TROYTE, No. 1)Arthur H. D. Troyte (Composer)29

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