Lancelot Addison

Short Name: Lancelot Addison
Full Name: Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703
Birth Year: 1632
Death Year: 1703

Addison, Lancelot, D.D., father of the Joseph Addison, born at Crosby Ravensworth, Westmoreland. 1632, and educated at Queen's College, Oxford. Until the Restoration he spent part of his time at Oxford and part in retirement. He then became chaplain to the garrison at Dunkirk: and in 1663, to that at Tangier. In 1670 he was appointed Chaplain in Ordinary to the King, shortly after, Rector of Milston, Wilts, and Prebendary in the Cathedral of Salisbury. Finally, in 1683, he was preferred to the Deanery of Lichfield; died 1703. In addition to some prose works, he published Devotional Poems, Festival and practical, on some of the chief Christian Festivals, Fasts, Graces, and Virtues , &c. Lond., Henry Bonwick, 1699.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

The Reverend Lancelot Addison (1632 – 20 April 1703) was an English writer and Church of England clergyman. He was born at Crosby Ravensworth in Westmorland. He was educated at the Queen's College, Oxford. Addison worked at Tangier as a chaplain for seven years and upon his return he wrote "West Barbary, or a Short Narrative of the Revolutions of the Kingdoms of Fez and Morocco" (1671). Addison was buried in Lichfield Cathedral in Staffordshire.

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Adieu, dear Lord, I kiss your sacred feetLancelot Addison (Author)2
Adieu, dear Lord, if you'll ascend from meLancelot Addison (Author)2
And art thou come, blest Babe, and come to meLancelot Addison (Author)2
And art thou parting, dearest Lord, to goLancelot Addison (Author)2
And may I yet, dear Lord, be dear to youLancelot Addison (Author)2
And shall I drown the man, and drench the beastLancelot Addison (Author)2
Blessed Lord, before you goLancelot Addison (Author)2
Blest little martyrs for the new born GodLancelot Addison (Author)2
Blest Lord, I sigh and mourn, and come awayLancelot Addison (Author)2
Blest spirits of the triumphant church aboveLancelot Addison (Author)2
Blest spirits, while you above shine bright and clearLancelot Addison (Author)2
Celestial virtue, Yet there are but fewLancelot Addison (Author)2
Come, blessed Spirit, descend and light on meLancelot Addison (Author)2
Dear mystery, dear Lord, dear great Three-oneLancelot Addison (Author)2
Dearest, ascending Lord, before we partLancelot Addison (Author)2
Dearest master, must we partLancelot Addison (Author)2
Farewell, dear Lord, I kiss your sacred feetLancelot Addison (Author)2
Farewell, dear Master, we must part I seeLancelot Addison (Author)2
Farewell, dear Savior, till we meet aboveLancelot Addison (Author)2
Here, dear Lord, I love to beLancelot Addison (Author)2
Here I converse can freely with loveLancelot Addison (Author)2
Here let me sigh, and sighing seeLancelot Addison (Author)2
How little did I hear, read, prayLancelot Addison (Author)2
I bow, blest Trinity, and in thee believeLancelot Addison (Author)2
I wake, and join with you blest spirits aboveLancelot Addison (Author)2
If men think meanly, O my soul, of theeLancelot Addison (Author)2
Lord, I love, and I adoreLancelot Addison (Author)2
My Lord, O I can speak no more without a groanLancelot Addison (Author)2
My love, my life, my dear, my allLancelot Addison (Author)2
O glorious dear, dread TrinityLancelot Addison (Author)2
O how uneasy does it seemLancelot Addison (Author)2
O I'm all ecstacy, and love, and flameLancelot Addison (Author)2
O Jesu, let me reach my hand to theeLancelot Addison (Author)2
O my life, my all, my dearLancelot Addison (Author)2
O what is't Lord, that you would have me doLancelot Addison (Author)2
Stupendous love, That I so soon should beLancelot Addison (Author)2
The forty days are ending, and you goLancelot Addison (Author)2
The world will talk, and let the world talk onLancelot Addison (Author)2
To you, dear Father, my complaaints I'll bringLancelot Addison (Author)2
What a celestial virtue's chastityLancelot Addison (Author)2
Whatever others do intend to doLancelot Addison (Author)2
When from mortality and things belowLancelot Addison (Author)2
When from your dying breath I hear from youLancelot Addison (Author)2
When with your dying breath I hear from youLancelot Addison (Author)2
When you are a bitter enemy forgiveLancelot Addison (Author)2
Why shall I fondly treat this lump of clayLancelot Addison (Author)2
With too deep relish never let me likeLancelot Addison (Author)2
You that with just Zacheus do desireLancelot Addison (Author)2

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