Tony Alonso

Short Name: Tony Alonso
Full Name: Alonso, Tony
Birth Year: 1980

Tony Alonso has published several collections of liturgical music and his music appears in many hymnals throughout the world. He has an Bachelor of Music degree from Northwestern University and a M.A. degree in theology from Loyola Marymount University.

Texts by Tony Alonso (28)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A font of God's love overflowingTony E. Alonso, b. 1980 (Author)English2
A pure heart create for me, God (Crea en mí un corazón puro)Tony Alonso (Versifier)English, Spanish2
Alleluia, Christ is risen, Now the stone is cast away!Tony E. Alonso (Author)2
AlleluiaTony E. Alonso (Author)English, German1
As we journeyed on our wayTony Alonso (Author)2
Clare and Elizabeth, Michael and SarahTony Alonso (Author)English2
Demos gracias al Señor (Let us give thanks, thanks to the Lord)Tony E. Alonso, n. 1980 (Author)English, Spanish3
For it is you who are my portion and cup (El Señor es el lote de mi heredad)Tony Alonso (Author (Verses))Spanish2
Gentle is God's way and humble is God's heartTony E. Alonso, b. 1980 (Author)3
God indeed is my Savior, I am confident and fearless (Vean al Dios gue me salva)Tony E. Alonso (Adapter)English, Spanish5
God raises up a child to saveTony E. Alonso (Author)English2
God sends us forth to love and serveTony E. Alonso, b. 1980 (Author)4
Holy Mary, ora pro nobis (Santa Maria, ora pro nobis)Tony E. Alonso, b. 1980 (Adapter)English, Spanish3
¿Como pagaré al Señor Todo el bien que me ha hecho?Tony E. Alonso (Author)Spanish4
I am the hungry, I am the poorTony E. Alonso, b. 1980 (Author)English4
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life (Soy e Camino, la Verdad y la Vida)Tony Alonso (Author)English2
I saw water, flowing clearTony Alonso (Author (vss. 1-2))English2
I waited for God, who bent down to hear meTony Alonso (Author)2
Mary and Joseph: Pray for usTony Alonso (Author)English2
Señor, te llamo, ven a mí (I have called to you, O God)Tony E. Alonso (Author)English, Spanish3
Springs of water, bless the LordTony E. Alonso, b. 1980 (Author (vs. 2-6))2
The House of Bread rejoicesTony Alonso (Author)English2
The law of the Lord is perfect, It revives the soulTony Alonso (Versifier)English1
To the fragile and the fearfulTony Alonso (Author (verses))English2
Vengan los hambrientosTony E. Alonso, b. 1980 (Author)English, Spanish4
Veni, Sancte Spiritus, Veni, Sancte SpiritusTony Alonso (Author)English, Latin2
When we love as he has lovedTony Alonso (Author (verses))English2
Where love and charity are foundTony Alonso (Author)3

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