St. Anatolius. of Constantinople

St. Anatolius. of Constantinople
Icon of Patriarch Anatolius of Constantinople
Short Name: St. Anatolius. of Constantinople
Full Name: Anatolius, of Constantinople, Saint, d. 458
Death Year: 458

Anatolius, one of the Greek hymn-writers. No details are known of him. From the fact that he celebrates martyrs who died in the 6th and early part of the 7th century, it is certain that he is not to be identified (as by Neale) with the patriarch who succeeded Flavian in 449, and afterward procured the enactment of the famous canon of the Council of Chalcedon, which raised Constantinople to the second place among the patriarchal sees (Dict. of Ch. Biog., i. p. 110). A letter is said to exist showing that he was a pupil of Theodore of the Studium (759-826). More than a hundred hymns, all of them short ones, are found in the Mensea and Octoechus. From this account, derived from Anth. Graec. Garm. Christ, p. xli, it will be seen that his poems cannot be considered "the spring-promise" of the age of the Canons (Neale). A few of his hymns have been translated by Dr. Neale in his Hymns of the Early Church, and Dr. Littledale, in the Offices of the Hymns of the Early Church: ("Fierce was the wild billow") and ("The day is past and over").
[Rev. H. Leigh Bennet, M.A.]
-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Anatolius (Greek: Ανατόλιος, ? – 3 July 458) was a Patriarch of Constantinople (451 – 3 July 458). He is regarded as a saint, by both the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches.

Texts by St. Anatolius. of Constantinople (10)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A great and mighty wonderAnatolius (Author)English20
And ask that free from perilSt. Anatolius (Author)English2
Fierce was the wild billow, dark was the nightAnatolius (Greek; date unknown) (Ascribed to)English96
Fierce was the billow's waveAnatolius (Author)English4
Fierce was the GalileeAnatolius (Author)English4
In Bethlehem is he bornAnatolius (Author)English3
The day is past and overAnatolius (Author)English187
The day is past, the shadows round are fallingAnatolius (Author)English1
The Lord and King of all thingsSt. Anatolius, of Constantinople (Author)English6
What shall we bring to Thee?Anatolius, 5th Century (Author)English3

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