Richard K. Avery

Short Name: Richard K. Avery
Full Name: Avery, Richard K. (Richard Kinsey), 1934-
Birth Year: 1934
Death Year: 2020

Rv Richard Kinsey Avery USA 1934-2020Born in the Central Valley of CA, he attended schools at Exeter, CA, where his family was active in the First Presbyterian Church. He decided to become a Christian minister at age 14 while at a Presbyterian youth conference. He attended Redlands U, Redlands, CA. He then attended Union Theological Seminary, NYC. He participated in the University Choir and associated with Christian friends there. He became pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Port Jervis, NY, (FPCPJ) for 40 years. Musically inclined, he composed a variety of songs (both lyrics and music), mostly with his close friend, Rv Donald S Marsh. Avery was commentator, preacher, and song leader for the duo, while Marsh conducted drama events and conducted three choirs. Together, they wrote over 150 published hymns, carols, and anthems. In 1967 the two founded Proclamation Productions, with sales later handled by Hope Publishing Company. With Marsh, he led conference and church assemblies in new forms of worship in all 50 states from the late 1960s into the early 2000s. These events included 30 years of summer seminars at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM. At Port Jervis, NY, Avery founded a community center for poor people called the ‘Hope Center’. He was also a member of and chairman of the board of directors of Mercy Community Hospital. His church, FPCPJ, was a prominent center for creative forms of worship, music, and drama, providing many concerts and theatrical events for the community. He was also involved with Westminster Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe, where he served as music leader after retirement from the NY church. In 2003 he founded a small magazine, ‘Santa Fe Theologians’, serving as editor, and later, as manager of Santa Fe Theologians Institutes, which held public forums on contemporary issues. He was also a member of the World Affairs Forum, the Council on International Relations, the Santa Fe Symposium, and the Coro de Camara chorale ensemble. He died at Santa Fe, NM, never having married.

John Perry

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This day in spring the streets will ringRichard K. Avery (Author)3

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