Silas Ballou

Short Name: Silas Ballou
Full Name: Ballou, Silas, 1753-1837
Birth Year: 1753
Death Year: 1837

Ballou, Silas. (Cumberland, Rhode Island, February 24, 1753--February 10, 1837, Richmond, New Hampshire). A Universalist layman. A self-educated "rustic poet" who spent most of his life in Richmond, N.H. Prolific versifier. None of his hymns has survived the test of time. Published his New Hymns on Various Subjects in 1785.

--Henry Wilder Foote, DNAH Archives

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For thy great glory, mighty LordS. Ballou (Author)4
Give thanks to God, for he is good, On us his blessing poursS. Ballou (Author)3
God, by his wisdom, marked the wayS. Ballou (Author)2
God caused his light to shineS. Ballou (Author)2
God revealed his great salvationS. Ballou (Author)2
How far Jehovah's love excellsS. Ballou (Author)2
How far Jehova's love excelsS. Ballou (Author)2
How transient and how vainS. Ballou (Author)2
I mourn when friends from me departS. Ballou (Author)3
Let God alone have endless praiseS. Ballou (Author)2
Let not my heart, O God, be placedS. Ballou (Author)3
Long did our God his plan concealS. Ballou (Author)2
O Lord, we bow before thy throneS. Ballou (Author)2
That all mankind would go astrayS. Ballou (Author)2
The best delights this world can giveS. Ballou (Author)2
The first almighty Cause S. Ballou (Author)5
The Lord, our God, is goodS. Ballou (Author)2
Thy knwledge, Lord, is most sublimeS. Ballou (Author)2
To you that mourn in deep distressS. Ballou (Author)3
Where no benevolence is foundS. Ballou (Author)2
Ye sons of Columbia, adoreS. Ballou (Author)2
You who lament the lossS. Ballou (Author)2

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