Barnabe Barnes

Short Name: Barnabe Barnes
Full Name: Barnes, Barnabe, 1569?-1609
Birth Year: 1569
Death Year: 1609

Barnes, Barnaby, fourth son of Dr. Barnes, Bishop of Durham, born about 1569, in Yorkshire. At the age of seventeen he entered Brasenose College, Oxford, but never obtained his degree. In 1591 he is said to have joined a military expedition to Normandy, in which country he remained until 1594. He wrote A Divine Centurie of Spiritual Sonnets, which was printed in 1595. He was buried in the church of St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham, in December, 1609.

He was the author of three plays, one published in 1607, as The Devil's Charter, and two in MS. not now to be traced, and of a volume of amatory poems, Parthenophil & Parthenophe, 1593, which was privately reprinted from the only known copy, in 1875, together with all Barnes's other poems. It is also included in Mr. Arber's recent English Garner. His prose work, Fovre Bookes of Offices Enabling Privat persons for the speciall service of all good Princes & Policies , 1606, has not been reprinted.

[Rev. W. T. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Armies of angels, myriads of saintsBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
As those three kings, touched with a sacred zeal Barnaby Barnes (Author)2
Behold, by misadventure, how the windBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Behold, dear Father! with whose gracious eyesBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Blessed Creator, let thine only sonBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Firm rock of during stone, sure bulwark of defenseBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
For comfort, my dear God! I did attendBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Fountain of life and endless happinessBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Full of celestial syrups, full or sweetBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Great God of Abraham, whose eternal powerBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
High priest of Zion [Sion], whose eternal throneBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
I feel, by motions in my sinnfull breastBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
I would not die but live, dear living Lord!Barnaby Barnes (Author)2
If that sweet spirit of omnipotenceBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
My soul, my soul I feel, I feel is vexedBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
O glorious crown! more precious many waysBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
O Lord, increase in me true faith and loveBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
O mercy, mercy, which much greater isBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
O sun and moon, the days and evening lightsBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
O what great comfort is it, to give praiseBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Relieve my soul with thy dear mercies balmsBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Sacred dear Father of all things createdBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Sacred director of divine SionBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Sacred redeemer let my prayers pierceBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
The Sun of our soul's light, Thee would I callBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
The world's bright comforter, whose beamsome lightBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Triumphant conqueror of death and hellBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Turn not away the sunshine of thy faceBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
Unto my spirit lend an angel's wingBarnaby Barnes (Author)2
With my poor offering be well pleased sweet LordBarnaby Barnes (Author)2

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