Edwin Barnes

Edwin Barnes
Short Name: Edwin Barnes
Full Name: Barnes, Edwin
Birth Year: 1864
Death Year: 1930

Edwin Barnes was born on March 15, 1864 in Shirley, Southampton, England. In 1881, Barnes moved to Battle Creek, Michigan, to attend Battle Creek College and play the organ at the Seventh-day Adventist church there. He eventually served as head of the Battle Creek College music department for almost 20 years. He also formed an amateur music club, helped found an annual spring music festival in Battle Creek, ran the Battle Creek Conservatory of Music (until 1926), and was organist and choir director at the First Congregational Church in Battle Creek. Hillsdale College, Michigan, awarded him an honorary doctorate degree in 1920. He died on April 11, 1930 in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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Tunes by Edwin Barnes (25)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ADVENT (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)233334 32211 12333
AUBEREdwin Barnes (Composer)256512 44356 53132
BEYONDEdwin Barnes (Composer)233333 33432 34355
CONTRITION (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)651563 45551 321
[Great is the Lord, great is the Lord] (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)211112 22344 43217
HEBER (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)711111 17122 22176
[How goodly are thy tents]Edwin Barnes (Composer)251112 31333 45556
[In love's azure firmament, spanning the ages]Edwin Barnes (Composer)251156 71432 11711
[There is a King of Glory] (Crithfield)E. Barnes (Arranger)134555 15532 14332
LONDON (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)211123 17123 44665
[O, let me walk with Thee, my God] (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)1355513 26711 11111
OSBORNE (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)333234 32117 71111
REPOSE (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)233433 22212 33334
RUSSELL (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)555565 56533 33335
SALISBURY (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)333351 23443 11712
[Shall we stand at his coming] (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)213556 65331 33222
SHIRLEY (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)233454 12312 345
SILVERTON (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)433421 23323 42345
SOUTHAMPTON (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)1055565 12332 34566
[Stand like Caleb, though the world oppose]Edwin Barnes (Composer)715151 12233 33213
TRENT (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)311155 42131 53322
WAITING (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)213556 45333 22243
[In the glad time of the harvest] (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)751351 57671 27123
WINTERBOURNE (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)412343 32234 56
YORK (Barnes)Edwin Barnes (Composer)733213 443
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