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E. M. Bartlett

E. M. Bartlett
Short Name: E. M. Bartlett
Full Name: Bartlett, E. M. (Eugene Monroe). 1885-1941
Birth Year: 1885
Death Year: 1941

E. M. Bartlett was born December 24, 1883 in Waynesville, Missouri. His family later moved to Sebastian County, Arkansas. Bartlett received training as a music teacher and was a leader in developing Southern gospel music. He was employed by Central Music Company, a publisher of shape note singing books based in Hartford, which was owned by David Moore and Will H. Ramsey. Bartlett persuaded Moore and John A. McClung to partner with him to form Hartford Music Company. In 1921, Bartlett established the Hartford Music Institute, a shape note school. He provided opportunities for many songwriters and musicians in gospel music, including Albert E. Brumley. In 1939 he suffered a stroke and afterwards wrote "Victory in Jesus."

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Wikipedia Biography

Eugene Monroe Bartlett Sr. (a.k.a. E.M. Bartlett) (December 24, 1885 – January 25, 1941) was an American Christian singer, songwriter and producer of gospel music. He wrote .

Texts by E. M. Bartlett (84)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A mother sits at home todayEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
Be a blessing every dayE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
Christ leads me onEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
Christ prepared for me a mansionE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
Christ was born in a distant landGene Barlett (Author)English3
Come to Jesus! He will save youE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
Do you know the road to the cross, is your soul still lost?E. M. Bartlett (Author)English2
Don't you hear the Savior calling, O come homeE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
Far I have [have I] wandered, out from the foldEugene M. Bartlett (Author)4
God is good, God is trueEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
God's calling today for an answerEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
Happy on the way, I'm happy on the wayEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
Have you ever been to the fountain of lifeE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
Have you heard the gospel message that was sentE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
Have you heard the story of the blessedE. M. Bartlett (Author)3
Heaven seems so near todayEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
High above the surging billowsEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
I am going to a city where no storm clouds ever comeEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
I am leaving sin's dark roads behind meEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
I am singing Hallelujah, praise the LordEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
I am thinking just now of my home far awayE. M. Bartlett (Author)English3
I am thinking today of a little old home (Bartlett)Eugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
I have a dear Savior in heaven aboveEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
I have fellowship with Jesus up aboveE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
I have left the land of bondage with its earthly treasuresE. M. Bartlett (Author)12
I heard an old, old story How a Savior came from gloryEugene M. Bartlett (Author)English77
I know I love my SaviorEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
I think of my home and my loved onesE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
I'm going up the highwayEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
I'm not ashamed that Jesus came and diedEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
I'm not ashamed to own that Jesus came and died on CalvaryEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
In the sunlight of glory I'm telling the storyEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
It's not the words you sing to meEugene M. Bartlett (Author)9
Jesus Christ, the Lord, opened up the way to gloryE. M. Bartlett (Author)English15
Jesus loved my soul so wellE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
Jesus went upon the mountain that He might commune with GodE. M. Bartlett (Author)English17
靠主耶穌必得勝 (Kào zhǔ yēsū bì děi shèng)E. M. Bartlett (Author)Chinese2
Life on earth is most uncertainE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
Listen, ye people, Hear the story of ChristE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
My friends are swiftly passing onE. M. Bartlett (Author)3
My Savior died that I might live (Bartlett)E. M. Bartlett (Author)2
My soul is now savedEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
Oí bendita historiaE. M. Bartlett (Author)Spanish3
O soul, now tossed on life's billowsEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
O soul, now tossed on sin's billowsEugene M. Bartlett (Author)4
O'er life's sea we all are sailingEugene M. Bartlett (Author)1
Open the door of your heart today (Bartlett)Eugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
Out on the mountains poor sinners are dyingE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
Ouvi contar a história de Jesus, o Rei da glóriaEugene Monroe Bartlett (Author)Portuguese2
Praise the Lord forevermoreEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
Shadows have come in our pathwayEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
Sometime when the summon of deathEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
Soon this life will all be overEugene M. Bartlett (Author)English25
Sweet thoughts of home are still with meEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
Swing out on the promisesEugene M. Bartlett (Author)7
Tell me the story of the living ChristE. M. Bartlett, Sr. (Author)English2
Tenderly he leads meE. M. Bartlett (Author)3
The day will come when we will singEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
There are heavenly pleasures away from all sinEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
There is a place where we can goEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
There is coming a time, O sinnerEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
There is sadness here belowEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
There is someone waiting yonderEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
There will be a great convention (Bartlett)Eugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
There's a happy land of promise over in the great beyondEugene M. Bartlett (Author)27
There's a happy time in heavenE. M. Bartlett (Author)3
There's a home beyond the river where the christians live foreverE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
They say there are mansions in gloryEugene M. Bartlett (Author)7
This life will end some future dayEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
To the home above, ledEugene M. Bartlett (Author)1
Trusting in my Savior as my all in allE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
We wander here in sin and strifeEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
We're looking for a city, the final soul's abodeEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
What a happy time is comingEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
When I find my way is roughE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
When I was lost, without a SaviorEugene M. Bartlett (Author)5
When I'm weary, sad and lonelyE. M. Bartlett (Author)2
When on the cross of Calvary The Lord was crucifiedEugene M. Bartlett (Author)English10
While kneeling by her bedside on the cottage on the hillE. M. Bartlett (Author)English10
While the world rushes on in its folly and sinEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
Who is that calling for me to comeE. M. B. (Author)16
Who will tell the story of the ChristEugene M. Bartlett (Author)2
Work on my friend, the time will comeEugene M. Bartlett (Author)3
You ask me why I love theE. M. Bartlett (Author)2

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