Jonathan Battishill

Short Name: Jonathan Battishill
Full Name: Battishill, Jonathan, 1738-1801
Birth Year: 1738
Death Year: 1801

Jonathan Battishill born in London, 1738; composer of operas, sacred music and glees. He died at Islington, December 9, 1801.

A Dictionary of Musical Information by John Weeks Moore, O. Ditson, Boston, c. 1876

Wikipedia Biography

Jonathan Battishill (May 1738 – 10 December 1801) was an English composer, keyboard player, and concert tenor. He began his career as a composer writing theatre music but later devoted himself to working as an organist and composer for the Church of England. He is considered one of the outstanding 18th century English composers of church music and is best remembered today for his seven-part anthem Call to Remembrance, which has long survived in the repertoires of cathedral choirs.

Tunes by Jonathan Battishill (18)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BATTISHILLJonathan Battishill (Composer)2053212 23436 5432
[Blessed be thou, Lord God of Israel] (Battishill)Jonathan Battishill, 1738-1801 (Composer)2
[God is our refuge and strength] (Battishill)J. Battishill, 1738 - 1801 (Composer)3
[I will extol Thee, my God, O king] (Battishill)J. Battishill, 1738 - 1801 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Battishill 15324)Jonathan Battishill (Composer)1515324 31271
[Chant] (Battishill 32116)J. Battishill (Composer)332116 23543
[Chant] (Battishill 17143)J. Battishill, 1738 - 1801 (Composer)817143 65443
[Chant] (Burrowes 13516)Jonathan Battishill, 1738-1801 (Composer)213516 51321
[Chant] (Battishill 55316)Jonathan Battishill, 1738-1801 (Composer)1455316 23443
[O Savior of the world] (Battishill)J. Battishill, 1738 - 1801 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Battishill 56711)J. Battishill, 1738 - 1801 (Composer)756711 23443
[Chant] (Battishill 17654)J. Battishill, 1738-1801 (Composer)217654 32343 21517
[Praise ye the Lord] (Battishill)J. Battishill, 1738-1801 (Composer)3
ST. PANCRAS (Battishill)Jonathan Battishill (Composer)815175 43334 15212
[The earth is the Lord's] (Battishill)J. Battishill, 1738-1801 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Battishill 15511)J. Battishill (Composer)515511 65443
[The heavens declare the glory of God] (Battishill)J. Battishill, 1738-1801 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Battishill 17653)Jonathan Battishill, 1738-1801 (Composer)617653 21432 32343

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