Maria Louise Baum

Short Name: Maria Louise Baum
Full Name: Baum, M. Louise, 1867-1941
Birth Year: 1867
Death Year: 1941

Baum, Maria Louise. ( --1941, Boston, Massachusetts). Joined the Christian Science Church in 1900. She thereafter resided in Boston, Mass., and worked for The Christian Science Monitor through part of that time.

--Joan E. Wilson, DNAH Archives

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Here, O God, thy healing presenceMaria Louise Baum (Author)3
High to heaven let song be soaringMaria Louise Baum (Author)2
If the Lord build not the houseMaria Louise Baum (Author)2
In thee, my God and SaviorMaria Louise Baum (Author)2
Jesus meek and mildMaria Louise Baum (Author)2
Like as a mother God comforteth his childrenMaria Louise Baum (Author)3
Now across the hilltopsM. L. Baum (Author)2
Put on the whole armor of pure consecrationMaria Louise Baum (Author)2
Rouse ye soldiers of the cross and liftMaria Louise Baum (Author)2
The evening bells are callingMaria Louise Baum (Author)2

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