Alfred Beirly

Short Name: Alfred Beirly
Full Name: Beirly, Alfred

Dr. Alfred Beirly was the author of many song books:
Great Joy!, 1881
Crowning Glory No. 1, 1889
Sovereign Choir No. 1, A Book of Easy Anthems, 1889
Beirly’s Memorial Songs No. 1, 1892
Beirly’s Jubilee Choir Vol. 2, 1892
Beirly’s Song Triumph, 1892
Beirly’s Festal Days, 1894
Golden Grain Nos. 1 and 2 Combined, 1894
Beirly’s School Songs for Public or Private Schools, Academies and Colleges, No. 1, 1896
Beirly’s National Singer, 1898
The Concert Master, 1899
Emmanuel, a Sacred Oratorio, 1892
A Greater Chicago (The Woman’s Temple, date unknown)
The Song Wonder, 1907
A New Harbor for Chicago, 1908

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Carol, merrily carolAlfred Bierly (Author)2
Giving pennies for the LordAlfred Beirly (Author)2
Go to the Savior when thou art wearyA. B. (Author)2
God the all wise, beholding sinnersAlfred Beirly (Author)4
Gone, our belovedAlfred Beirly (Author)3
Hail, hail, nation freeA. Beirly (Author)2
Hark! I hear a soft refrain, Echoing to and froAlfred Bierly (Author)4
I am the Light, says JesusAlfred Beirly (Author)5
Is there anyone here who is weary of sinAlfred Bierly (Author)1
I've a home over yonder in the glory landA. B. (Author)2
My burdened heart is thine, dearAlfred Beirly (Author)2
My soul is filled with joy divineAlfred Beirly (Author)2
My soul looks in yon paradiseA. B. (Author)2
Redeemed, O, wondrous love divineAlfred Beirly (Author)2
Repent ye, 'tis the Savior's voiceAlfred Beirly (Author)2
Sing to the Lord in joyful praisesAlfred Beirly (Author)2
Speak to me, guiding starA. Beirly (Author)1
Spring is drawing nighAlfred Beirly (Author)2
Spring is in its beauty glowingAlfred Beirly (Author)2
Step by step, we're onward marchingAlfred Beirly (Author)2
Sweet rest that in heaven alone can be foundAlfred Beirly (Author)3
The Savior made atonementA. B. (Author)2
The Savior's love embracingA. B. (Author)1
There is a home of beauty, So radiantA. B. (Author)2
There'll be joy at the dawningAlfred Bierly (Author)3
We are little workers, One and allAlfred Beirly (Author)2
We are soldiers of Christ and his holy causeAlfred Beirly (Author)2
Weary spirit, seeking restAlfred Beirly (Author)2
Who'll bear the glorious banner of the Lord Beirly (Author)2

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