Lucy A. Bennett

Short Name: Lucy A. Bennett
Full Name: Bennett, Lucy Ann, 1850-1927
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1927

Lucy A. Bennett was born on January 8, 1850 in Green Farm, Fal­field, Glou­ces­ter­shire, Eng­land.
She died on March 10, 1927 and was buried near Falfield, Gloucestershire, England. [Source: Hayden & Newton]

NN, Hymnary. Source:

Texts by Lucy A. Bennett (29)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
哦,主,求你指教我,為何十架高立,(Ó, zhǔ, qiú nǐ zhǐjiào wǒ, wèihé shí jià gāo lì,)Lucy A. Bennett (Author)Chinese2
A thousand wants thy path attendLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
As seemeth best to Thee, my GodLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Call him by his name of JesusL. A. Bennett (Author)3
Dear Savior, thro' the far-spent nightLucy A. Bennett (Author)English3
何必擔心一握不釋 (Hébì dānxīn yī wò bù shì)Lucy A. Bennett (Author)Chinese2
Herr, beuge mich, wie du das KornLucy Ann Bennett (Author)German2
Holy, happy separationLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
I am the Lord's, O joy beyond expressionLucy A. Bennett (Author)3
Is it indeed too late, too lateLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Jesus, Name of matchless splendorLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Keep step with Jesus: He Who leadsLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Learn to give and thou shalt bindLucy A. Bennett (Author)2
Lord and Master we will own HimLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Not a friend but JesusLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Not in the deep contritionLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Not what I wish to beLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
O fathomless mercy, O infinite graceLucy A. Bennett (Author)2
O Savior of the lost, where should I fleeLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
O teach me what it meanethLucy Ann Bennett, 1850-1927 (Author)English6
Out in the damp and coldLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Rest, rest thee, weary heartLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Share thy handful with the strangerLucy A. Bennett (Author)2
The early morn with JesusLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Thou dear Redeemer, I am ThineLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
"Thou remainest." Breathe it softlyLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
Trust him when thy wants are manyLucy A. Bennett (Author)3
What think ye? Has the Living HeadLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
"Yes, Lord," O breathe the answer soft and lowLucy A. Bennett (Author)English2
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