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W. Bennett

Short Name: W. Bennett
Full Name: Bennett, W. (William)

William Bennett, probably lived between 1847 and 1927, his work appeared in hymnals starting about 1867.

Dianne Shapiro

Texts by W. Bennett (49)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A great and noble armyW. Bennett (Author)English3
All hail, all hail, all hail to youW. Bennett (Author)2
Come, let us be joyful today, Joyful today, joyful todayW. Bennett (Author)English2
Come to Jesus, precious soulWilliam Bennett (Author)3
Es wogt ein heiliger Kampf im LandW. Bennett (Author)German3
Far beyond this mortal shoreW. Bennett (Author)2
Farewell, O fleeting world farewellW. Bennett (Author)English2
Gracious Shepherd of the sheepWm. Bennett (Author)English2
Hail, hail the glorious morningW. Bennett (Author)2
Hear the voice of Jesus calling, "Come unto me"W. Bennett (Author)English1
Here's to water pure and brightW. Bennett (Author)English4
Higher, higher would I soarWm. Bennett (Author)English4
Home where the pure and the good shall standW. Bennett (Author)English4
I come, I come with this one pleaW. Bennett (Author)3
Jesus loves a little child, Smiling in its infant gleeW. Bennett (Author)English4
Let me die with Jesus near meW. Bennett (Author)2
Lo a brigher day is breakingW. Bennett (Author)3
Meet me in that lovely landW. Bennett (Author)English9
More of earnest work for JesusWilliam Bennett (Author)English2
Nearer, O my blessed SaviorWm. Bennett (Author)English2
O come to the fountain of mercy and loveWilliam Bennett (Author)English5
O ring the merry bellsW. Bennett (Author)English2
O sad is the heart of the lone oneW. Bennett (Author)English2
Often weary and worn in the battle of lifeW. Bennett (Author)2
On to the conflict, soldiers for the rightWilliam Bennett (Author)English10
Once again we're doomed to partW. Bennett (Author)English2
Onward, onward, every true friend of cold waterW. Bennett (Author)2
See Jesus standing at the doorW. Bennett (Author)3
Stand fast for God, though all aloneW. Bennett (Author)English2
The blessed gates of gospel graceWilliam Bennett (Author)English1
The mansions of the blest in glorious beauty standWilliam Bennett (Author)5
The temperance hosts are marching onW. Bennett (Author)3
There is joy among the angels, As they gather round the throne (Bennett)W. Bennett (Author)English2
There is light in the valley once shrouded with darknessWilliam Bennett (Author)English3
There is no friend like Jesus, So merciful and trueW. Bennett (Author)English2
There's a beautiful land of songW. Bennett (Author)4
Thine, Lord, forever, Purchased by blood divineWilliam Bennett (Author)English16
Thine, Lord, O may I beW. Bennett (Author)English3
Through a world of sorrow, Pilgrims, we roamW. Bennett (Author)3
We have friends beyond the riverW. Bennett (Author)English2
What glorious things are said of theeWm. Bennett (Author)English2
When striving with the hosts of sinWilliam Bennett (Author)English3
When that glorious morn shall comeW. Bennett (Author)English2
When to save a sinful raceW. Bennett (Author)English1
Which way are you going, my brother (Bennett)W. Bennett (Author)2
While shepherds on the eastern plainW. Bennett (Author)English2
Who hath woe and bitter sighingW. Bennett (Author)English3
Why stand ye idle all the day? Rise, and the Master's call obeyW. Bennett (Author)English1
Ye that love the name of JesusW. Bennett (Author)English1
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