Mrs. Sallie Lucinda (Keep) Best

Short Name: Mrs. Sallie Lucinda (Keep) Best
Full Name: Best, Sallie Lucinda (Keep), Mrs., 1860-
Birth Year: 1860 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Mrs. Sallie Lucinda (Keep) Best (91)sort descendingAsInstances
A long time I waited in sorrow and fearSallie K. Best (Author)2
A voice came over the watersSallie Keep Best (Author)2
A wonderful light, and a songSallie Keep Best (Author)2
All for Christ, all for ChristSallie Keep Best (Author)2
As fair as the lilies, as spotless as snowSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Be faithful and true in all that you doSallie K. Best (Author)3
Beautiful day, merry and gaySallie Keep Best (Author)2
Behold the Savior of the World, He came to make us freeSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Birds by their nests are singing in the treesSallie K. Best (Author)2
Blessings, sweet blessings are falling todaySallie Keep Best (Author)5
Bring the children into the Sabbath SchoolSallie K. Best (Author)2
Children listen to the sabbath bellsSallie K. Best (Author)3
Come, live with me, little rabbitSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Each tiny little blossomSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Father, we come to thee, thy pardon seekingSallie K. Best (Author)3
Firmly stand for the MasterSallie Keep Best (Author)3
From out of love's mountain there's flowing a fountainSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Garlands of roses all sparkling with dewSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Give thanks to the Father who watchesSallie Keep Best (Author)2
God cares for his childrenSallie K. Best (Author)7
God is calling, God is callingSallie K. Best (Author)3
God's true holy light is breakingSallie K. Best (Author)3
Hear our song of gladnessSallie Keep Best (Author)2
How sweet is the name of our SaviorSallie Keep Best (Author)2
How well I remember when I was a childSallie Keep Best (Author)2
I am so frail, FatherSallie Keep Best (Author)2
I love thee better than earthly storeSallie Keep Best (Author)5
I will trust in the Lord, for His love will endureSallie Keep Best (Author)2
If you hope to conquer sinnSallie K. Best (Author)2
In love the Savior leadsSallie Keep Best (Author)3
In the love of Christ, your SaviorSallie Keep Best (Author)2
It came like a showerSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Jesus calls you, speakingSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Jesus, our Savior, bless us todaySallie Keep Best (Author)5
Jesus the water of life will giveS. K. B. (Author)1
Jesus, we will come to Thee, every day, every daySallie Keep Best (Author)2
Kind words can never die, Cherished they'll beSallie Keep Best (Author)4
Let us work and wait, let us watch and praySallie K. Best (Author)5
Listen, listen, 'tis a voiceSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Little snowflakes white Make the world so brightSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Look beyond the cloud for the sunshine fairSallie K. Best (Author)2
Look to Jesus, when in dangerSallie K. Best (Author)3
O holy night when the skySallie Keep Best (Author)2
O march, march away, the bugle now is callingS. K. Best (Author)7
O speed far away on the ocean of joySallie Keep Best (Author)2
Only a word, if spoken in loveSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Pretty little snow birdsSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Ring, Joyful bells, from far and nearSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Ring out, chiming bells, ring with gladnessSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Scatter seeds wherever you goSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Shadows are now softlySallie Keep Best (Author)2
Sing joyful anthems of His love and powerSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Sing of our Savior's Love and of the placeSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Sleep my belovedSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Soldiers in the battle field of lifeSallie K. Best (Author)4
Sometimes the Savior leads me onSallie K. Best (Author)2
Steeple bells are ringingSallie K. Best (Author)2
Sweet is the hour at the dawn of the morningSallie Keep Best (Author)2
The birds are singing in the valeSallie Keep Best (Author)2
The cloud and mists are breakingSallie Best (Author)4
The dear loving Savior is pleading for youSallie Keep Best (Author)2
The golden grain is gleaming, you should haste awaySallie Keep Best (Author)4
The gospel ship is sailing, sailing, sailingS. K. B. (Author)1
The holy of holies hiddenSallie Keep Best (Author)2
The river is clearSallie Keep Best (Author)5
The Savior came to bless and saveSallie Keep Best (Author)2
The thunder may rollSallie Keep Best (Author)3
The way is so easy we need never strayS. K. Best (Author)2
There is a crown awaitingSallie Keep Best (Author)2
There is sunshine, blessed sunshineSallie Keep Best (Author)4
There is sweet assurance in his blessed wordSallie K. Best (Author)5
There's a very sweet old story that I heard long, long agoSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Though the waves may dash and the lighting flashSallie K. Best (Author)2
'Tis a bright and pleasant path where with Christ we roamSallie Keep Best (Author)2
To the harvest field awayS. K. Abest (Author)2
Toil on from morn till nightSallie Keep Best (Author)3
Upp till kamp och stridSallie Keep Best (Author)2
Valiant soldiers we will beSallie K. Best (Author)3
Walk in love, bear the cross of Christ before youSallie Keep Best (Author)2
We are marching on (Best)Sallie Keep Best (Author)2
We are marching, we are marching to our home on highSallie K. Best (Author)3
We come with wreathsSallie Keep Best (Author)2
We're going home with JesusSallie K. Best (Author)3
What would Jesus do, dear BrotherS. K. Best (Author)2
When I read the sacred storySallie K. Best (Author)2
When in glory we awakenSallie Keep Best (Author)2
When Jesus calls me I will goSallie Keep Best (Author)4
When the cares of earth (Best)Sallie Keep Best (Author)2
When we reach the shining portals of the gates of goldSallie K. Best (Author)3
While I am drifting out on life's seaSallie Keep Best (Author)3
With a song of joySallie Keep Best (Author)2
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