Mary Bittner

Short Name: Mary Bittner
Full Name: Bittner, Mary, 1938-2007
Birth Year: 1938
Death Year: 2007

Mary Bittner was a native of Pennsylvania and received a B.S. in music education from Penn State University. She taught piano, organ, clarinet, and school music, and also served as music director and/or organist in Baptist, United Methodist, and Presbyterian churches and a U.S. Air Force Base Protestant chapel. In 1991 she became organist at Knox Presbyterian Church in Naperville, IL. She was an active member of the Naperville chapter of the Illinois State Music Teachers Association, and honored as Member of the year in 1998. She also participated in recitals and activities of the Fox Valley chapter of the American Guild of Organists. She began writing hymns in 1990 while enrolled in a church music degree program at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She received her Master of Theological Studies in church music in 1993, the same year she began attending hymn writing workshops and conferences of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada. Mary died from cancer in 2007.


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As water that flows from the rockMary Bittner (Author)2
As we wait for love's arrivalMary R. Bittner (Author)2
At water's edge, the crowd would standMary R. Bittner (Author)2
Broad and fruitful are the fieldsMary R. Bittner (Author)2
Coming to this place from all directions,Mary R. Bittner (Author)2
Go now in peace. Worship is ending;Mary R. Bittner (Author)3
God of power, we see your wondrous works of creationMary R. Bittner (Author)2
God says, "Be still so you may hearMary R. Bittner (Author)3
God sends each servant forth,Mary R. Bittner (Author)2
God's heart is heavy when we chooseMary R. Bittner (Author)2
God's love is in the waterMary R. Bittner (Author)2
Have you come to hear the prophet?Mary Bittner (Author)2
"I did not leave my home, I served my parent;Mary R. Bittner (Author)2
If we could be like the widowMary R. Bittner (Author)2
In the church are many strangersMary Bittner (Author)2
Jesus, walk beside me. When the storm clouds hide meMary Bittner (Author)3
Life is but a twinkling of an eyeMary R. Bittner (Author)2
Make me the compost, LordMary R. Bittner (Author)2
Miriam's waiting by the river,Mary R. Bittner (Author)2
Now comes the dark night of the soulMary R. Bittner (Author)2
Our church is like a tree of faithMary R. Bittner (Author)2
Sometimes God begins a projectMary R. Bittner (Author)3
The Christ who gave the blind man sudden sightMary R. Bittner (Author)2
The kingdom of God is like a light in the darknessMary R. Bittner (Author)2
The Lord has promised good to us,Mary R. Bittner (Author)2
The trumpet sounds the summonsMary R. Bittner (Author)2
To build a church with vision,Mary R. Bittner (Author)2
Today in celebration we sing a joyful songMary R. Bittner (Author)2
We trust in God, the source of past successesMary R. Bittner (Author)2
What calls me from the death where I have rested?Mary R. Bittner (Author)3
When air is cold and branches bareMary R. Bittner (Author)2
When chosen ones have erredMary R. Bittner (Author)2
When I was born as a tiny wrinkled babyMary R. Bittner (Author)2
When Jesus came to CanaMary R. Bittner (Author)2
When terror casts a shadow on our landMary R. Bittner (Author)2
When two who once were joined as oneMary R. Bittner (Author)2
When we stand outside the circleMary R. Bittner (Author)2
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