Maxwell J. Blacker

Short Name: Maxwell J. Blacker
Full Name: Blacker, Maxwell J., 1822-1888
Birth Year: 1822
Death Year: 1888

Maxwell, Julius Blacker M.A., son of V. Blacker of Marylebone, b. May 27, 1822, educated at Merton College, Oxford, ordained in 1848, held several curacies, including that of St. Bar­na­bas, Pim­li­co and died June 11, 1888.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix Part II, (1907)

Texts by Maxwell J. Blacker (5)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
O more than blessed, merit high attainingM. J. Blacker (Translator)1
Only begotten, Word of God eternalMaxwell J. Blacker, 1822-1888 (Translator)English28
Savior eternal! Health and life of the world unfailingM. J. Blacker, 1822-88 (Translator)English4
Thou, in thy childhood to the desert cavernsM. J. Blacker (Translator)1
To our Master hasten yeM. J. Blacker (Author)English2

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