William B. Blake

William B. Blake
William Burdine Blake
Short Name: William B. Blake
Full Name: Blake, William B., 1832-1915
Birth Year: 1832
Death Year: 1915

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Crown him, ye children, in bright, happy songW. B. B. (Author)2
Folded hands in quiet restingWilliam B. Blake (Author)2
Here a little while we lingerWilliam B. Blake (Author)2
I am resting in the shadowW. B. Blake (Author)1
I am weary, gracious SaviorW. B. B. (Author)2
I come to thee, O blessed Lord, I'm at the fountain drinkingWm. B. Blake (Author)3
In the courts of heaven we'll singW. B. Blake (Author)6
In the home of ChristW. B. Blake (Author)2
Is your anchor holding, brotherW. B. B. (Author)2
Let us treasure up the sunbeamsW. B. B. (Author)3
Marching on, with cross and bannerWilliam B. Blake (Author)3
O the dawn of that morn o'er the hillsWm. B. Blake (Author)2
Our land of Christian soldiers are marchingWilliam B. Blake (Author)2
Ring the bells of heaven todayWm. B. Blake (Author)5
Room at the cross for a trembling soulW. B. B. (Author)39
Sailing into the port at lastWilliam B. Blake (Author)2
Slumber on, the stars are shiningWilliam B. Blake (Author)2
We are children bound for the land of loveWilliam B. Blake (Author)3
We will sing in sweet, melodious songW. B. B. (Author)1
With our banners waving high, with our facesWilliam B. Blake (Author)4

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