Ballington Booth

Ballington Booth
Ballington Booth
Short Name: Ballington Booth
Full Name: Booth, Ballington, 1857-1940
Birth Year: 1857
Death Year: 1940

Ballington Booth (July 28, 1857 – October 5, 1940) was an Officer in The Salvation Army and a co-founder of Volunteers of America.

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Ballington Booth (July 28, 1857 – October 5, 1940) was a British-born American Christian minister who co-founded Volunteers of America, a Christian charitable organization, and became its first General (1896-1940). He was a former officer in The Salvation Army.

Texts by Ballington Booth (17)sort descendingAsInstances
祂賜的十架雖然沉重 (Tā cì de shí jià suīrán chénzhòng)Ballington Booth (Author)2
Det kors, han mig gav, kan vel trykkeB. B. (Author)2
God shed His light from heavenBallington Booth (Author)2
Have you received the holy powerBallington Booth (Author)2
I'm satisfied with Jesus hereB. Booth (Author)1
I've found the pearl of greatest price, more precious farB. Booth (Author (Chorus))2
Jesus, Savior, I am waitingBallington Booth (Author)1
O why have you carried your burdenBallington Booth (Author)2
O boundless salvation, deep ocean of loveGeneral Booth (Author)1
Over and over I stood upon the shoreBallington Booth (Author)17
Over and over like a mighty seaBallington Booth (Author)1
The cross that He gave may be heavyB. B. (Author)132
The waves of death's river are dark and coldBallington Booth (Author)10
There's never a day passes over the earthBallington Booth (Author)2
When the chariot is loweringBallington Booth (Author)4
Wrestling now, my Lord, with theeBallington Booth (Author)4
You've carried your burden, you've carried it longBallington Booth (Author)1

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