Herbert H. Booth

Herbert H. Booth
Herbert Booth.
Short Name: Herbert H. Booth
Full Name: Booth, Herbert H., 1862-1926
Birth Year: 1862
Death Year: 1926

Herbert Henry Howard Booth (26 August 1862 – 25 September 1926) was the third son of William and Catherine Booth. He oversaw the Limelight Department's development and he was the writer and director for Soldiers of the Cross.

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Herbert Henry Howard Booth (26 August 1862 – 25 September 1926) was a Salvation Army officer, the third son of five children to William and Catherine Booth (Mumford), who later went on to serve as an independent evangelist. He oversaw the Limelight Department's development and he was the writer and director for Soldiers of the Cross.

Texts by Herbert H. Booth (71)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
當我在我路上遇見試探時 (Dāng wǒ zài wǒ lùshàng yùjiàn shìtàn shí)H. Booth (Author)Chinese2
A friend I have found who my needs hath suppliedCommandant H. H. Booth (Author)English2
A stranger to God , to His love and His lightH. B. (Author)English3
All I have by Thy Blood Thou dost claimHerbert H. Booth (Author)English5
All I have I am bringing to Thee (Chorus)Herbert H. Booth (Author)English1
And this my constant joy shall be (Chorus)Herbert H. Booth (Author)English1
As I am before Thy face, Savior I prayHerbert Howard Booth (1862-1926) (Author)English3
Before thy face, dear LordHerbert H. Booth (Author)English4
Blessed Lord, in thee is refugeHerbert H. Booth (Author)English17
Come away while the river of His grace is flowingHerbert H. Booth (Author)English2
Down at the fountain, flowing so free (Chorus)Herbert H. Booth (Author)English1
Down at the fountain wonders are wroughtHerbert H. Booth (Author)English3
Frelser, hør mig, naar jeg for digHerbert Booth (Author)Norwegian2
From every stain made cleanHerbert H. Booth (Author)English4
Gone are the days of wretchedness and sinHerbert H. Booth (Author)English3
Grace there is my every debt to payH. H. B. (Author)English2
Hours that are fleeting awayH.H. Booth (Author)1
I bring my heart to Jesus, with all its fearsHerbert H. Booth (Author)English4
I bring to thee my heart to fillHerbert Howard Booth (1862-1926) (Author (Verses))3
I have a Savior who's mighty to keepHerbert H. Booth (Author)English1
I have given up all for Jesus this vain world is naught to meHerbert Booth (Author)English28
I'm believing and receivingHerbert H. Booth (Author)English1
In golden hours of brightest joyHerbert H. Booth (Author)2
I’ve a home fair and bright in yonder cityHerbert H. Booth (Author)English3
Jesus, hoer mig, n'r jag foer din fotHerbert H. Booth (Author)2
Jesus is my Savior, this I knowCommander H. H. Booth (Author)English1
Jesus, my heart is panting to obtainHerbert H. Booth (Author)English2
Joy, freedom, peace, and ceaseless blessingHerbert H. Booth (Author)English2
Let me hear Thy voice now speakingHerbert H. Booth (Author)English13
Let me love Thee, Thou art claimingHerbert H. Booth (Author)English7
Life's morn will soon be waning (Chorus)Herbert H. Booth (Author)English1
Like the billows of an oceanHerbert Booth (Author)English4
Lord, through the blood of the Lamb that was slainHerbert H. Booth (Author)English18
Love of love so wondrousHerbert H. Booth (Author)English4
Much of what this world can boastHerbert H. Booth (Author)English2
My mind upon thee, Lord, is stayedHerbert H. Booth (Author)English4
No retreating, hell defeating (Chorus)Herbert H. Booth (Author)English1
O I'm glad I'm ready (Chorus)Herbert H. Booth (Author)English1
O it comes o'er my soul like a wave (Chorus)Herbert H. Booth (Author)English1
O wanderer knowing not the smileHerbert H. Booth (Author)English6
O what battles I've been in And what conflicts I have seenCommandant H. H. Booth (Author)English5
Once in sin I lonely wanderedHerbert H. Booth (Author)2
One with my Lord, 'tis glorious to knowHerbert H. Booth (Author)English5
Onward, yes, onward, does time in its flightHerbert H. Booth (Author)English2
Out upon the broad way speedingCommandant H. H. Booth (Author)English2
Redeeming grace my life has claimedCommandant H. H. Booth (Author)English2
Savior, dear Savior, draw nearer (Chorus)Herbert H. Booth (Author)English1
Savior, hear me, while before Thy feetH. B. (Author)English50
Sins of years are washed awayH. H. Booth (Author)English31
Sometimes I'm tried with toil and careHerbert H. Booth (Author)English7
Summoned home, the call has soundedHerbert H. Booth (Author)4
Tell it to Jesus, He understands theeHerbert H. Booth (Author)English3
There are wants my heart is tellingHerbert Howard Booth (1862-1926) (Author)3
There comes a call for warriors Who're not afraid to dieHerbert H. Booth (Author)5
There is not in my heart left one treasure, dear LordHerbert H. Booth (Author)English1
There's a golden day, and 'tis not far awayHerbert H. Booth (Author)English5
There's mercy still for thee! (Chorus)Herbert H. Booth (Author)English1
To me, dear Savior, yes, to meH. H. Booth (Author)English3
To the front the cry is ringingHerbert H. Booth (Author)English11
We are marching over the regionsHerbert H. Booth (Author)English5
When God has set his judgment throneHerbert H. Booth (Author)2
When in the tempest he'll hide us [me]H. H. B. (Author)1
When my heart was so hardHerbert H. Booth (Author)English4
When sorrow and storms are besetting my trackHerbert H. Booth (Author)English24
When the charms of earth have fledH. H. B. (Author)1
Who, when sunk in deep despairHerbert H. Booth (Author)English3
Why are you doubting and fearingHerbert H. Booth (Author)English7
With my heart so bright in the heavenly lightHerbert Howard Booth (Author)2
With my heart so full of sadnessHerbert H. Booth (Author)3
With sword and shield we take the field (Chorus)Herbert H. Booth (Author)English1
Within my heart, O Lord, fulfillHerbert H. Booth (Author)4

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