T. M. Bowdish

Short Name: T. M. Bowdish
Full Name: Bowdish, T. M. (Thomas Miles), 1860-1937
Birth Year: 1860
Death Year: 1937

T. M. Bowdish was born on Feb­ru­a­ry 28, 1860 in Jeff­er­son Coun­ty, Penn­syl­van­ia and died on July 26, 1937 in Brock­way, Penn­syl­van­ia.
His works in­clude:

The King­dom of Song (To­le­do, Ohio: The W. W. Whit­ney Com­pa­ny, 1900)

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Texts by T. M. Bowdish (31)sort descendingAsInstances
All glory to the Savior's nameT. M. Bowdish (Author)3
Come, brother sailor, awake from thy sleepT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
Go, spread the gospel far and nearT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
Have you found the Savior precious to your waiting soulT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
Help me tell the love of JesusT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
How dear to my heart is the spot where my SaviorT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
I am so glad that Jesus was once a childT. M. B. (Author)2
I feel my need of thee, dear SaviorT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
I have sweet and blessed peace in JesusT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
I love the blessed BibleT. M. Bowdish (Author)1
I want to do more for JesusT. M. Bowdish (Author)3
I will tell Jesus all of my sorrowsT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
I wonder if Jesus, the SaviorT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
In that bright world beyondT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
Jesus came down from his homeT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
Jesus, let thy Holy SpiritT. M. Bowdish (Author)3
Jesus, now I come to theeT. M. Bowdish (Author)1
Long have I wandered from the Shepherd's foldT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
Long I've wandered weary and wornT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
My ways grows brighter day by dayT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
O I have a Savior now reigningT. M. Bowdish (Author)4
O weary sinner, why longer strayT. M. Bowdish (Author)3
Open your heart, brotherT. M. Bowdish (Author)3
Tell it again, the wonderful storyT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
There is a fountain so full and freeT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
There's a city so fair in that land over thereT. M. Bowdish (Author)4
There's a haven of rest in that landT. M. Bowdish (Author)4
We shall meet beyond the river (Bowdish)T. M. Bowdish (Author)3
We're drifting away from the shores of timeT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
We're hastening awayT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
With the Savior in my heartT. M. Bowdish (Author)2
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