John Bowdler

Short Name: John Bowdler
Full Name: Bowdler, John, 1783-1815
Birth Year: 1783
Death Year: 1815

John Bowlder was born in London, in 1783. He was educated at Winchester College, and entered the legal profession. As a barrister, he gave unusual promise of eminence; but died in 1815, at the age of thirty-two. His miscellaneous writings were published in 1816, by his father, under the title of "Select Pieces of Prose and Verse."
--Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A., 1872.

Bowdler, John, born in London, Feb. 4, 1783, and educated at the Sevenoaks Grammar School, and Winchester. In 1807 he was called to the Bar, but ill-health necessitated his residence abroad for a short time. On his return he resumed the duties of his profession. His weakness, however, increased, and gradually sinking, he died Feb. 1, 1815. He was a person of more than usual parts, and gained the friendship of Macauluy, Wilberforce, and other men of eminence. In 1816 his Select Pieces in Verse and Prose, were published by his father with a brief Memoir, Lond., G. Davidson. The two vols. contain essays, reviews, poetical pieces, versions of 4 Psalms, and 6 hymns. Of his hymns and Psalm versions nearly all are in common use. The best of these are, “As panting in the sultry beam"; “Children of God, who pacing slow;" and "Lord, before Thy throne we bend." The rest include: —
1. Beyond the dark and stormy bound. Heaven. This is a part of his hymn on the Sabbath. The ori¬ginal begins "When God from dust created man," is in 10 stanzas of 6 lines, and dated 1812.
2. Children of God, who pacing [faint and] slow. Encouragement.
3. Lord, before Thy throne we bend. Ps. cxx. 3.
4. 0 fcod, my heart within me faints. Ps. xlii.
5. Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice. Praise. Entitled "Thankfulness," and dated "Jan. 1814."
6. To heaven I lift mine eyes. Ps. cxxi.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by John Bowdler (13)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
As panting in the sultry beamJohn Bowdler, 1783-1815 (Author)English15
Beyond the dark and stormy boundJohn Bowdler (Author)2
Child of man, whose seed belowJohn Bowdler (Author)3
Child of want and doubt and painJohn Bowdler (Author)2
Children of God, who, faint and slowJohn Bowdler (Author)English20
Lord, before Thy throne we bendJohn Bowdler (Author)English24
O God, my heart within me faintsJohn Bowdler (Author)1
Sing to the Lord with cheerful voiceJohn Bowdler (Author)English5
The Lord of light though veiled awhileJohn Bowdler (Author)3
To God I lift mine eyes, From him is all mine aidJohn Bowdler (Author)English4
To heaven I lift mine eye, to heavenJohn Bowdler (Author)4
When God from dust created manJohn Bowdler (Author)1
When starting from the shades of nightJohn Bowdler (Author)2

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