Carlton C. Buck

Short Name: Carlton C. Buck
Full Name: Buck, Carlton C., 1907-1999
Birth Year: 1907
Death Year: 1999

Carlton C. Buck served as the Pastor of the First Christian Church of Eugene, Oregon until 1960. Prior to this he held various pastorates in Christian Churches in Southern California, including a fourteen year pastorate in Fullerton from which he came to Eugene. A native of Salina, Kansas, he lived most of his adult life on the west coast. He received a Bachelor of Sacred Music Degree from the Los Angeles Bible Seminary, a Master of Arts and an honorary D.D. from San Gabriel College. He also worked at Whittier College and Chapman College. He is the author of three books, and of numerous sacred songs; and was a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. He is the author of the Hymn Society's "O Master Teacher, Teach us Now" in Fifteen New Christian Education Hymns, and "Bless Thou Our Christian Homes, O Lord" in Marriage and Family Life Hymns.

--From, Ten New Hymns on the Ministry, 1966. Used by permission.

Texts by Carlton C. Buck (26)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All praise to God for song God givesCarlton C. Buck (Author)English3
Amid the toils of a day filled with careCarlton C. Buck (Author)2
As I walk in the cool of the morningRev. Carlton C. Buck (Author)2
Bless thou our Christian homes, O LordCarlton C. Buck (Author)3
Bucke your armor and standCarlton C. Buck (Author)2
Creation shows the power of GodCarlton C. Buck (Author)English9
Hear the clockCarlton C. Buck (Author)2
Heaven touches earth by singingCarlton C. Buck (Versifier)English2
In the city the struggle continuesCarlton C. Buck (Versifier)English2
In the song of a heart redeemedCarlton C. Buck (Author)3
Isaiah heard the voice of GodCarlton C. Buck (Author)2
My darkened night was turned to dayCarlton C. Buck (Author)2
O God of youth, we come to you for leadingCarlton C. Buck (Author)4
O Lord, may church and home combineCarlton C. Buck (Author)English10
O Lord, the maze of earthly waysCarlton C. Buck (Author)3
O Master Teacher, teach us nowCarlton C. Buck (Author)English6
Ring, ring, ring the bellsCarlton C. Buck (Author)2
Sunday morning clearCarlton C. Buck (Author)2
The challenge comes, the trumpet soundsCarlton C. Buck (Author)English4
There's a banquet spread each dayCarlton C. Buck (Author)2
This is the day which thou has set apartCarlton C. Buck (Author)3
We want to know, Lord, touch our mindsCarlton C. Buck (Author)3
Weary soul, thou shalt rest in the morningCarlton C. Buck (Author)6
When breaks the dawn of early morning (Buscar-te-ei, Senhor, bem cedo)Carlton C. Buck, 1907-1999 (Versifier)English, Portuguese2
When earth leaves me lonelyCarlton C. Buck (Author)2
When God speaks, the high mountains trembleCarlton C. Buck (Author)5

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