Ida M. Budd

Ida M. Budd
Short Name: Ida M. Budd
Full Name: Budd, Ida M.
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year (est.): 1959

Ida M. Budd was born in 1859 in a log cabin in Saginaw County, Michigan. When she was three years old her parents moved to Milford, Michigan. She loved nature and books. She decided to be a school teacher, receiving her teaching certificate when she was fifteen. Her first poem was published in 1881. She is known for her poems for children.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by Ida M. Budd (73)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A downy little ducklingIda M. Budd (Author)2
All the palace gates are open, all its courst resound with songIda M. Budd (Author)2
Are we willing to walk with JesusIda M. Budd (Author)2
At the portals of your heartIda M. Budd (Author)2
Awake, thou who long hast beenMrs. Ida M. Budd (Author)2
Beneath a lofty stack of hayIda M. Budd (Author)3
Brightly gleams the radiant banners of the sunlightIda M. Budd (Author)2
By faith the wounded Christ I seeIda M. Budd (Author)3
Christ is my Savior, he hath redeemed meIda M. Budd (Author)2
Do we want to go to heavenIda M. Budd (Author)4
Does the thought ever come to you, brotherMrs. Ida M. Budd (Author)English2
Eternal is the faithful WordIda M. Budd (Author)2
Far away upon the mountainIda M. Budd (Author)2
Forward, Christian soldier trueIda M. Budd (Author)8
Full oft have I said it that Jesus is mineIda M. Budd (Author)English2
Have you accepted the friendship of Jesus?Ida M. Budd (Author)5
How can I come to the SaviorIda M. Budd (Author)2
I am glad the blest assurance has been given in His wordIda M. Budd (Author)3
I don't know when first I metIda M. Budd (Author)2
I heard the voice of many angelsIda M. Budd (Author)English4
I see you, little blossomsIda M. Budd (Author)7
If we could but surely knowIda M. Budd (Author)3
If we could, if we could knowIda M. Budd (Author)1
In heathen countries far awayIda M. Budd (Author)5
In the dawning of the morning, when the crystal dew is shiningMrs. Ida M. Budd (Author)3
Jesus the living Vine isIda M. Budd (Author)3
Leaving all to follow JesusIda M. Budd (Author)English40
Let not your heart be troubled, O words of comfort sweetMrs. Ida M. Budd (Author)4
Little feet so weak and tenderIda M. Budd (Author)3
Little feet so weak and tender Starting out on life's broad wayIda M. Budd (Author)2
Lord, my heart is weakIda M. Budd (Author)2
My heart is filled with joy, for Christ my SaviorIda M. Budd (Author)4
My heart is filled with joy today, I know that Jesus saves meIda M. Budd (Author)14
O Christ, my Lord, thou art my lifeIda M. Budd (Author)3
O say, can you see by the radiant lightIda M. Budd (Author)2
O soul astray and weary with wanderingIda M. Budd (Author)2
O wanderer from the Savior's foldIda M. Budd (Author)3
Over the trackless deep the sailor sails for many a weary dayMrs. Ida M. Budd (Author)6
On the highway of the King, when His happy people singIda M. Budd (Author)English2
On the mighty Rock of AgesIda M. Budd (Author)4
Once five tiny little seedsIda M. Budd (Author)4
Once for all the Savior diedIda M. Bud (Author)1
One by one, earth's treasures perishIda M. Budd (Author)4
One day a little fluffy owlIda M. Budd (Author)3
Out from the depths to Thee I cryIda M. Budd (Author)5
Over the mountain rugged and cheerlessIda M. Budd (Author)4
Over the sea in their ignorant blindnessIda M. Budd (Author)English2
Pretty little rosebudsIda Budd (Author)2
Pretty rose beaming so brightIda Budd (Author)2
Pretty rose blooming so bright on your sprayIda Budd (Author)2
Sad hearts forget your doubts and fearsIda M. Budd (Author)3
Sometime, I cannot tell how soonIda M. Budd (Author)7
Soul, wake from thy sleeping,Thy vigil be keepingIda M. Budd (Author)4
Such a lovely thing happened one nightIda M. Budd (Author)2
Such a pretty round moon hung up in the skyIda M. Budd (Author)3
The full moon has hung her great lamp in the skyIda M. Budd (Author)2
The Lord has need of workers to till his vineyard wideIda M. Budd (Author)English5
There will be singing and great rejoicingMrs. Ida M. Budd (Author)5
There's a joy that consoles me in sorrowIda M. Budd (Author)3
Thou who art lost in the mazes of sinMrs. Ida M. Budd (Author)3
Tiny little snowflakes, sailing through the airIda M. Budd (Author)7
Toiler in the harvest fieldIda M. Budd (Author)3
Trust ye in the Lord your GodIda M. Budd (Author)2
Upon the Rock, the solid Rock I'm building, day by dayIda M. Budd (Author)4
Walking each day in the heavenly lightIda M. Budd (Author)2
We are little pilgrims, walking in the lightIda M. Budd (Author)10
We are little travelers, on our journey homeIda M. Budd (Author)3
We are loyal Christian soldiers neath the banner of our LordIda M. Budd (Author)7
We are marching onward in the cause of rightIda M. Budd (Author)3
What a funny little noise, peep, peep, peepIda M. Budd (Author)2
When the cares of life are ended, And I lay me down to restIda M. Budd (Author)2
When the sun is shining bright in the clearIda M. Budd (Author)4
Why idle rests the hand todayMrs. Ida M. Budd (Author)5
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