William Bullock

Short Name: William Bullock
Full Name: Bullock, William, 1797-1874
Birth Year: 1797
Death Year: 1874

Bullock, William, D.D., a Missionary of the S. P. G. for 32 years, and sometime Dean of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and died. March 16, 1874. He is known to hymnody principally through his popular hymn (in its revised form by Sir H. W. Baker), "We love the place, O God" (q. v.). This appeared with other hymns of merit in his:—

Songs of the Church, Halifax, printed for the Author, 1854, Other hymns from the same work are in common use. All his hymns were “written amidst the various scenes of missionary life, and are intended for the private and domestic use of Christians in new countries deprived of all public worship," and are worthy of renewed attention. Dean Bullock also published Practical Lectures upon the History of Joseph and his Brethren, 1826.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by William Bullock (6)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Idż, osusz łzy swojeWilliam Bullock (Author)Polish2
In grief and fear to Thee, O LordWilliam Bullock (Author)English20
Tu casa amamos, DiosWilliam Bullock (Author)Spanish2
Wakaŋtaŋka Ate, Nitaaŋpetu deWilliam Bullock (Author)Dakota1
We love the place, O GodThe Very Rev. William Bullock, D. D. ( -1874) (Author)English83
We love Thy Church, O LordWilliam Bullock, 1798-1874 (Author)English1
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