Edward Bunnett

Short Name: Edward Bunnett
Full Name: Bunnett, Edward, 1834-1923
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1923

Edward Bunnet Canada 1834-1923. Born at Shipdham and educated at Norwich Cathedral Choir School, he was a talented chorister, composer, a brilliant organist, and had a sharp sense of humour. He married Emma Elizabeth McGowan in 1890, and they had three children. He became assistant organist at Norwich Cathedral for 22 years and later at St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich, for another 31 years. He was organist for the Norwich triennial Musical Festival for 33 years. Over his life he taught thousands of young people how to play the organ. He composed 16 choral works.

John Perry

Tunes by Edward Bunnett (19)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[A Child this day is born] (Bunnett)Edward Bunnett (Composer)356172 11321 76662
AGNESEdward Bunnett (Composer)1835433 21436 5545
AYLSTONE. Bunnett (Composer)331433 22536 5543
BETHANY (Bunnett)E. Bunnett (Composer)235513 24655 17634
[Carol, sweetly carol] (Bunnett)Edward Bunnett (Composer)311231 66725 43323
HAPPY HOME (Bunnett)Edward Bunnett, 1834- (Composer)535432 11713 22226
KENILWORTH (Bunnett)E. Bunnett (Composer)232342 55671 67255
KIRBY BEDONEdward Bunnett (Composer)8333321 44443 25534
[Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace] (Bunnett)E. Bunnett (Composer)212333 35432 11126
MADDERMARKET (Bunnett)Edward Bunnett (Composer)255661 51122 43317
MAYENTEdward Bunnett (Composer)431517 12427 2123
MOUNT OF OLIVES (Bunnett)Edward Bunnett (Composer)255136 51765 54572
[My soul doth magnify the Lord] (Bunnett)E. Bunnett (Composer)213321 44333 33635
NEW YEAR MORNE. Bunnett (Composer)351671 52531 43543
[O wonderful the tidings]Edward Bunnett (Composer)232325 13215 61464
[Once again the olden story] (Bunnett)E. Bunnett (Composer)212321 56523 43262
RANSOM (Bunnett)Edward Bunnett (Composer)355365 52234 56715
ST. GREGORY (Bunnett)E. Bunnett (Composer)351765 54332 617
[The stars are shining bright and clear] (Bunnett)E. Bunnett (Composer)255132 16556 14323

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