Dan Burgess

Short Name: Dan Burgess
Full Name: Burgess, Dan, 1949-
Birth Year: 1949

Burgess served as tour director for the Continental Singers, New Hope and Renaissance. He has worked as a writer and music consultant for Lexicon Music and Good Life Publications.

Currently he is a writer, arranger, orchestrator, music editor, engraver, and clinician for Word Music, CCLI, Integrity Music, PraiseGathering Music, The Sparrow Corporation, Gaither Music, Maranatha! Music, The Brooklyn Tabernacle, and Discovery House Music. He is published by Lexicon Music, Good Life Publications, Integrity Music, PraiseGathering Music, Maranatha! Music, Word Music, The Sparrow Corporation, Gaither Music and Discovery House Music.

--Daniel Mahraun (from reverbnation.com)

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