Richard Burnham

Richard Burnham
Richard Burnham (courtesy of David Vesey)
Short Name: Richard Burnham
Full Name: Burnham, Richard, ca. 1749-1810
Birth Year: 1749
Death Year: 1810

Burnham, Richard, b. 1749, d. 1810, was for many years pastor of a Baptist Church in London, first in Little Chapel Street, and afterwards in Grafton Street, Soho. He is said to have been an excellent preacher. His hymns, 452 in all, were published as follows:—

New Hymns on Divers Subjects, Lond., Gilbert and Plummer, 1783. This contained 141 hymns. A 2nd edition with 74 additional hymns as New Hymns on Various Subjects (same publishers), 1785. To this was added New Hymns on Divine Love, chiefly designed for Love Feasts or Christian Societies (25 hymns and 2 poetical pieces), Lond., W. Smith, but no date (cir. 1787). The 3rd edition of the Hymns, &c, is dated 1794, the 4th 1796, and the 5th, 1803. This last contains 452 hymns. In addition 3 hymns were printed at the end of a Sermon on Believer's Baptism, 1805, and many others on leaflets which have not been reprinted.

Burnham's hymns rank with the most intensely Calvinistic in the English language, and have been much used by congregations of Calvinistic sentiments. In the last edition of Gudsbey’s Selection there are 20; in Denham's Selection 82; and in Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory. 10. His best known hymns are, “Jesus! Thou art the sinner's Friend," and "O glorious God of grace." The following, from the editions of his Hymns, &c, indicated in brackets, are still in common use:—
1. Free grace, melodious sound [1794]. Grace.
2. God in Three appears all glorious [1796]. Holy Trinity.
3. Great Jehovah's love endureth [1794]. God unchangeable.
4. How truly glorious is the love [1803]. Love of God. In Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872, this is altered by Miss Havergal.
5. Jesus draws the chosen race [1794]. Election.
6. Love will I ever sing [1796]. Love of God.
7. Now 1 know the great Redeemer [1794]. The Advocate.
8. The goodness of our glorious God [1794]. Divine Goodness.
9. The people of the Lord were chosen, &c. [1796], Election.
10. Who can e'er fathom God's rich love [1803]. Love of God. [Rev. W. R. Stevenson, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Richard Burnham (1749? – 30 October 1810) was an English Christian minister and hymn-writer. He was a Wesleyan in High Wycombe and was a Baptist minister in Staines. He was London from 1780 until his death.

Texts by Richard Burnham (46)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All glory to mercy we bringRichard Burnham (Author)English2
All the elected trainBurnham (Author)English4
Christ is the keeper of his saintsRichard Burnham (Author)English1
Come all who love to prayRichard Burnham (Author)10
Come all who spend your youthful daysRichard Burnham (Author)5
Come sinners come of every nameRichard Burnham (Author)4
Dear Savior, we rejoice to hear poor [when] sinners sweetly [humbly] tellRichard Burnham (Author)19
Dearest Lord, thou hast commandedRichard Burnham (Author)5
First have these lovers of the WordBurnham (Author)9
Free grace, melodious soundRichard Burnham (Author)English3
From the dear flock of Jesus' saintsRichard Burnham (Author)7
God is my everlasting KingRichard Burnham (Author)English2
Holy Spirit, now descend; now revealRichard Burnham (Author)2
How good, how glorious 'tis to seeRichard Burnham (Author)8
Jesus draws the chosen raceRichard Burnham (Author)English6
Jesus, Source of my salvation, May we now thy nature knowBurnham (Author)English4
Jesus, sovereign of the skiesRichard Burnham (Author)6
Jesus, thou art the sinner's friendRichard Burnham (Author)English282
Lord, from thy throne behold thy saintsRichard Burnham (Author)2
Lord, may the messengers of peaceRichard Burnham (Author)2
Lord of abounding graceRichard Burnham (Author)2
Mourning souls, by sin distressedBurnham (Author)English2
Ne'er was a sinner cast awayRichard Burnham (Author)4
Now I know the great RedeemerRichard Burnham (Author)English13
Now, Lord, before we leave thy courtsRichard Burnham (Author)2
Now, thou exalted Prince of PeaceRichard Burnham (Author)9
Now we are met in holy fearRichard Burnham (Author)29
O! bless thy servant, dearest LordBurnham (Author)English3
O glorious God of grace, Look from thy radiant throneRichard Burnham (Author)5
O Jesus, descend, Our prayers now attendRichard Burnham (Author)2
O Jesus, thou fountain of graceRichard Burnham (Author)English2
O! why did Jesus show to meBurnham (Author)English2
O with what pleasure we beholdRichard Burnham (Author)21
O ye blood washed, ransomed sinnersRichard Burnham (Author)23
On yonder glorious heightBurnham (Author)English4
Our Jesus is the Christian's hopeBurnham (Author)English4
Repent and be baptized, Saith your redeeming LordBurnham (Author)9
The Father is a holy GodBurnham (Author)English2
The gospel's a message of peaceRichard Burnham (Author)English2
The sacred word to manRichard Burnham (Author)2
Thou great incarnate GodRichard Burnham (Author)9
'Tis Jesus doth saveRichard Burnham (Author)6
To know my Jesus crucifiedRichard Burnham (Author)English1
'Twas fixed in God's eternal mindBurnham (Author)English7
When we baptise [baptize] we see the modeRichard Burnham (Author)21
Ye who the highest joys wouldRichard Burnham (Author)2

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