James Drummond Burns

James Drummond Burns
James Drummond Burns
Short Name: James Drummond Burns
Full Name: Burns, James Drummond, 1823-1864
Birth Year: 1823
Death Year: 1864

Burns, James Drummond, M.A., was born at Edinburgh, February 18, 1823. He studied and graduated M.A. at the University of Edinburgh. In 1845 he became Free Church minister of Dunblane, but resigned through failing health, in 1848, and took charge of the Presbyterian Church at Funchal, Madeira. In 1855 he became minister of Hampstead Presbyterian Church, London. Died at Mentone, Nov. 27, 1864, and was buried in Highgate Cemetery, London.

His hymns appeared in:—
(l) The Vision of Prophecy: and other Poems (Edin., Edmonston and Douglas). This was originally published in 1854, and enlarged in 1858. The Poems are distinguished by vivid colouring and poetic imagination, along with directness, delicacy of execution, pensive sweetness, and tenderness. They have never however become widely popular. Included are 29 "Hymns and Meditations," many of which rank among the very best of our modern hymns for beauty, simplicity of diction, and depth of religious feeling. (2) The Evening Hymn (Lond., T. Nelson & Sons), 1857. This consists of an original hymn and an original prayer for every evening in the month— 31 in all. The Hymns and Prayers alike are characterised by reverence, beauty, simplicity, and pathos. Some of the hymns in this volume are now well known; e.g. "Still with Thee, 0 my God," "Hushed was the evening hymn," "As helpless as a child who clings." (3) Memoir and Remains of the late Rev. James D. Burns, M.A., of Hampstead. By the late Rev. James Hamilton, D.D. (London, J. Nisbet & Co.), 1869. Besides 13 Sermons and the Memoir, this work includes 40 “Hymns and Miscellaneous Pieces." A number of these had appeared in periodicals. Some of them are very good though not equal to those previously published. Also 39 translations of German hymns, which appeared in the Family Treasury, &c., are rendered exactly in the metres of the originals and many had not previously been translated. The translations are generally very good. (4) Burns also wrote the article Hymn in the 8th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Burns, James Drummond, p, 197, i. Additional hymns in common use are:—
1. Not, Lord, unto that mount of dread. Safety in Christ. From Vision of Prophecy, 1st ed., 1854, p. 266.
2. O Thou whose tender [sacred] feet have trod. Resignation. From Vision of Prophecy, 1st ed., 1854, p. 227.
3. Thou, Lord, art love, and everywhere. Divine Love. From Vision of Prophecy, 2nd ed., 1858, p. 275.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

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Jesus! shall the watchword beJames D. Burns (Translator)2
O happy place that heard the voiceJames D. Burns, 1823-1864 (Author)2
As on a hill-top gained at lastJames D. Burns, 1823-1864 (Author)2
As helpless as a child who clingsJames Drummond Burns (Author)36
As trustful as a child who looksJames Drummond Burns (Author)2
At Thy feet, our God and FatherJames Drummond Burns, 1823-1864 (Author)62
Conscious of thee, O LordJames Drummond Burns (Author)2
He who the rule to God hath yieldedJames Drummond Burns (Author)2
Heaven and earth, and sea and air, Still their Maker's praise declareJames Drummond Burns (Author)10
Hushed was the evening hymnJames Drummond Burns (Author)179
Hushed was the hymn, the temple darkJames D. Burns, 1869 (Author)3
Jesus shall our watchword beJames Drummond Burns (Author)5
No more let sorrow cloud the eyeRev. J. Drummond Burns, M.A., d. 1864 (Author)2
O Jerusalem, fair dwellingJames Drummond Burns (Author)1
O thou whose sacred feet have trodJames Drummond Burns (Author)8
O time of tranquil joy and holy feelingJ. D. Burns (Author)6
See, world, your life suspendedJames Drummond Burns (Translator)2
Still with thee, O my GodJames D. Burns (Author)121
The apostle slept, a light shone in the prisonJames Drummond Burns (Author)2
This night, O Lord, we bless TheeJames D. Burns (Author)17
Thou, Lord, art Love; and everywhereJames D. Burns (Author)26
Thou who didst on Calvary bleedJ. D. Burns (Author)36
We wait for thee, all glorious OneJames Drummond Burns (Author)1
Yn wastad gyda ThiJ. D. B. (Author)2

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