Barrie Cabena

Barrie Cabena
Short Name: Barrie Cabena
Full Name: Cabena, H. (Harold) Barrie, 1933-
Birth Year: 1933

Barrie Cabena (b. 1933) has a rich musical background with nearly 500 compositions to his credit. In addition, he has written a sizable quantity of verse, some of which he has included in his compositions. His organ and choral works have been broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for more than 37 years. Recent commissions include an unaccompanied violin sonata by Jeunesse Musicale du Canada, which was performed by Jonathan Crow of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and broadcast on Radio Canada, and an organ work commissioned by William O’Meara, which was premiered at the Turin Organ Festival in Italy. His Requiem for the Victims of Terrorism, composed in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, was recently recorded for broadcast on CBC radio.

Dr. Cabena has been a church organist in London, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Guelph (Ontario, Canada), where his choirs gained a reputation for quality and skill. He has worked as an accompanist with Elmer Iseler, Jan Overduin, Noel Edison, and Howard Dyck. After 27 years on the Faculty of Music at Wilfrid Laurier University, Barrie took early retirement in 1996, but as Professor Emeritus of Wilfrid Laurier, he continues to maintain a keen interest in music education.

Dr. Cabena was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he studied with A.E.H. Nickson. After further studies in England at the Royal College of Music with John Dykes Bower, Herbert Howells and Eric Harrison, he made North America his home and the inspiration for his creative life. He now lives in Guelph with his wife Sheri and son Daniel. He is artistic adviser to the Guelph Spring Festival, which is celebrating its 38th season.

Tunes by Barrie Cabena (15)sort descendingAsInstances
[Amen, Amen] (Cabena)Barrie Cabena, 1933- (Composer)2
ATKINSONH. Barrie Cabena, b. 1933 (Composer)5
[Christ has died] (Cabena)Barrie Cabena (Composer)2
[Dying you destroyed our death] (Cabena)Barrie Cabena, 1933- (Composer)2
[Glory to God in the highest] (Cabena)Barrie Cabena, 1933- (Composer)2
[Glory to you forever and ever]Barrie Cabena, 1933- (Composer)2
[Holy God holy and mighty] (Cabena)Barrie Cabena (Composer)2
[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (Cabena)Barrie Cabena, 1933- (Composer)2
JACOBBarrie Cabena (1933-) (Composer)2
UNE JEUNE PUCELLEH Barrie Cabena (Arranger)3
[Lamb of God] (Cabena)Barrie Cabena, 1933- (Composer)2
[Lord, have mercy] (Cabena)Barrie Cabena, 1933- (Composer)2
PIER PAULH. Barrie Cabena, 1933- (Composer)1
[We praise you, we bless you] (Cabena)Barrie Cabena, 1933- (Composer)2
[We remember his death] (Cabena)Barrie Cabena, 1933- (Composer)2
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