L. W. Callin

Short Name: L. W. Callin
Full Name: Callin, L. W. (Lura Case Warner), 1861-1948
Birth Year: 1861
Death Year: 1948

Born: De­cem­ber 12, 1861, Crest­line, Ohio.
Died: Sep­tem­ber 15, 1948, Marblehead, Ohio.
Buried: Oak Grove Cem­e­te­ry, Bowl­ing Green, Ohio.

Daughter of Sam­u­el and Ma­ry Mc­Ma­hon Case, Lura mar­ried Lem­u­el (Lee) War­ner in 1884. Af­ter his death from ty­phoid fever in 1888, she mar­ried George Cal­lin of Bowl­ing Green, Ohio. Lu­ra’s works in­clude:

Daughters of Li­ber­ty, a pa­geant for child­ren (Lo­renz Pub­lish­ing Com­pa­ny, 1923)


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We all have a place in this busyL. W. Callin (Author)2
We come from the fieldL. W. Callin (Author)2
When days are dark and cares oppressLaura Warner Callin (Author)2
When Mary sought the tombL. W. Callin (Author)2
When the sun through kindling azureL. W. Callin (Author)2
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