Kate Cameron

Short Name: Kate Cameron
Full Name: Cameron, Kate, 1836-1873
Birth Year: 1836
Death Year (est.): 1873

Mrs. K. W. B. Barnes, was born in Deerfield, Mass in 1836. She was christened Maria Burbank Williams but was called by the name Kitty. She also used the pen name "Kate Cameron" In 1856 she married Dr. Norman S. Barnes. She was a writer of many stories, poems, and hymns.

From Waifs and their authors by A. A. Hopkins, 1879

Texts by Kate Cameron (52)sort descendingAsInstances
A little child lay dying as the sunset hourKate Cameron (Author)3
Again with loud thanksgivingKate Cameron (Author)2
Ah yes there's a fairer zoneKate Cameron (Author)2
As pilgrims to Zion, we journey alongKate Cameron (Author)2
Blessed are the pure in heart, blessed evermoreKate Cameron (Author)4
Come and join our band (Cameron)Kate Cameron (Author)3
Come with faith, earnestKate Cameron (Author)4
Good news for little childrenKate Cameron (Author)5
Hast thou found the goodly pearlKate Cameron (Author)1
Hear the music of our voicesKate Cameron (Author)1
If we only sought to brightenKate Cameron (Author)10
It first was unfurled upon Bethlehem's planKate Cameron (Author)1
Jesus is our dearest Friend, So tender, tried and trueKate Cameron (Author)1
Jesus is our morning starKate Cameron (Author)2
Jesus is our PilotKate Cameron (Author)3
Jesus, Lord of life and glory, Help us nowKate Cameron (Author)1
"Let little children come to me" The Lord the Savior saidK. C. (Author)3
Lo the bridegroom at the doorKate Cameron (Author)3
O come to the good ShepherdKate Cameron (Author)3
O Eden land, thou land of bloomKate Cameron (Author)2
O Lord and Savior of us allKate Cameron (Author)1
O we are all engaged in the greatKate Cameron (Author)1
O what beauties adorn the bright Sabbath mornKate Cameron (Author)6
O when will be ended our warfareKate Cameron (Author)3
Praise the Lord, O praise him, praise himKate Cameron (Author)1
Shall we sing in heaven foreverKate Cameron (Author)1
Take thy cross and follow meK. C. (Author)2
The box of precious ointmentKate Cameron (Author)1
The days now gliding o'er usKate Cameron (Author)1
The night will cast no shadowKate Cameron (Author)2
The storms of earth will vanishKate Cameron (Author)4
The way of life is narrowKate Cameron (Author)2
There is a land of Promise For which our spirits yearnKate Cameron (Author)2
There is no work too humbleKate Cameron (Author)2
Thou art the bright and morning starKate Cameron (Author)1
Through the world we daily roamKate Cameron (Author)3
To thee, dear Savior, weKate Cameron (Author)1
Traveler, whither art thou goingKate Cameron (Author)5
We are Jesus' little lambsKate Cameron (Author)2
We are marching onward to our home on highKate Cameron (Author)2
We children of one Lord and KingKate Cameron (Author)1
We come with rejoicingKate Cameron (Author)3
We have gladly met togetherKate Cameron (Author)1
We know not what's before usKate Cameron (Author)5
We lay aside our toil and careKate Cameron (Author)2
We sing our song of jubileeKate Cameron (Author)2
Whatever cross the world may bringKate Cameron (Author)1
When our work is ended, we shall sweetly restKate Cameron (Author)18
When shall we stand upon thy shoreKate Cameron (Author)1
When the morning dawnethKate Cameron (Author)1
You tell me of a city Which is so bright and fair (Barnes)Kate Cameron (Author)3
Youthful pilgrims, happy bandKate Cameron (Author)3
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