Richard K. Carlson

Richard K. Carlson
Short Name: Richard K. Carlson
Full Name: Carlson, Richard, 1956-
Birth Year: 1956

Rev. Richard K. Carlson received his master’s of divinity degree from Bethel University Seminary in Arden Hills, Minn. and he is an ordained minister of the Evangelical Covenant Church in Chicago, Ill.

Carlson has served as a producer, composer and pastor. He has written hundreds of hymns and songs, and produced scores of live conference events for children, teens and adults. He is also known as “Mr. Quigley” from the award-winning children’s video series “Quigley’s Village.”

Carlson and his wife, Pat, will be moving to Ocean City in November and look forward to being a part of the community. They have two grown children, Kyle and Kelsey, who both live in Minneapolis, Minn.

As president and CEO, Carlson will develop innovative and targeted programs to meet the various needs of the community through the Tabernacle ministry, the Kull Youth Center and the Moorlyn Family Theatre.

Texts by Richard K. Carlson (18)sort descendingAsInstances
A journey like no otherRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)2
Along the banks of the deep Red SeaRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)2
Blessed are the poor in spiritRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)1
Called to serve, unreservedRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)2
Brethren, we have met to worshipRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author (st. 2))1
Come, celebrate the presence of the LordRichard Carlson (Author)2
Come, Spirit, come, Make yourself knownRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)2
Each man and woman raise your voiceRichard Carlson (Author)2
Glory Be to God, CreatorRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)3
Heavenly Father, hallowed is your nameRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)2
How good it is to know the LordRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)2
In the breaking of breadRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)2
[Lord Jesus, Fill My Days]Richard K Carlson (Author)3
See my heart, for I repentRichard K. Carlson, b. 1956 (Author)3
[The Beatitudes (Carlson and Stromberg)]Richard K Carlson (Author)2
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understandingRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)1
When life is scattered, I'm not far awayRichard K. Carson (Author)3
Where justice rolls down like a mighty waterRichard K. Carlson, 1956- (Author)2
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