Burl Carter

Short Name: Burl Carter
Full Name: Carter, Burl
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Texts by Burl Carter (20)sort descendingAsInstances
All along the pilgrim highwayBurl Carter (Author)2
As I sit and sadly ponderBurl Carter (Author)2
Brother, there's a gonna be a singingBurl Carter (Author)2
Here I'm just a pilgrimBurl Carter (Author)2
I had a talk with my dear SaviorBurl Carter (Author)2
I have traveled hereBurl Carter (Author)2
I know there is a heavenBurl Carter (Author)2
Lord, send a revival, in the old fashioned wayB. C. (Author)2
O Lord my God, unto thee I prayB. C. (Author)2
Oft times my road seems rough and steepB. C. (Author)2
Often times you feel discouragedBurl Carter (Author)2
Our dear Lord will come in powerBurl Carter (Author)2
Smiling through tears, down through the yearsB. C. (Author)2
Some day we'll meet up in gloryB. C. (Author)2
Soon my life will be overBurl Carter (Author)2
There is a light, blest lightBurl Carter (Author)3
There will be a happy morningBurl Carter (Author)2
We are working for the MasterBurl Carter (Author)2
What a time we'll have in gloryB. C. (Author)1
When the shadows come a-stealingBurl Carter (Author)3
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