Gerhard M. Cartford

Short Name: Gerhard M. Cartford
Full Name: Cartford, Gerhard M., 1923-
Birth Year: 1923
Death Year: 2016

Gerhard Cartford was born in 1923. He helped to edit the Lutheran Book of Worship (1978) and wrote the liturgical chant service for the hymnal. He also translated some hymns for Libro de Litugia y Cántico and also helped edit this hymnal. He was head of the Music Department at Texas Lutheran University for 13 years

Lynette (Mann) Parkhurst, former student

Texts by Gerhard M. Cartford (11)sort descendingAsInstances
Cantad al Señor, un cántico nuevoGerhard M. Cartford, b. 1923 (Translator)2
Cantad al Señor un cántico nuevo (O sing to the Lord, O sing God a new song)Gerhard Cartford, b. 1923 (Translator)20
Cantaremos al Señor (We will praise God, we will sing)Gerhard M. Cartford, b. 1923 (Translator)2
Enviado soy de Dios, mi mano lista está (The Lord now sends us forth with hands to serve and give)Gerhard M. Cartfod, b. 1923 (Translator)4
Glory in the higest (Gloria en las alturas)Gerhard Cartford (Author)2
Hamba nathi mkululu wethu (Come, walk with us, the journey is long)Gerhard M. Cartford, b.1923 (Translator)2
La paz del Señor, la paz del Señor (The peace of the Lord, the peace of the Lord)Gerhard M. Cartford, b. 1923 (Translator)2
Nuestro padre nos invita (God extends an invitaion)Gerhard M. Cartford, b. 1923 (Translator (English and Spanish))2
Somos uno en Cristo, somos uno (We are all one in Christ, we are one body)Gerhard M. Cartford, b. 1923 (Translator)4
Soplo de Dios viviente que en (O living Breath of God)Gerhard M. Cartfod, b. 1923 (Translator)3
Tuya es la gloria (Yours, Lord, is the glory)Gerhard M. Cartford, b. 1923 (Translator)2
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